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Virtual Field Trips

What are virtual field trips?
Virtual field trips are interactive web-based experiences that guide students through an exploration of content about themes, such as a specific place or time.  Virtual field trips boost students’ reading comprehension skills, expose them to different cultures and environments and are a great way to engage and encourage technology integration in the classroom - whatever the subject matter may be! 
Remember these tips when planning a virtual field trip:
  • Stay safe! Make sure all of the sites are appropriate for students.
  • Have a goal! Make sure the purpose is clearly defined.
  • Give it a dry run! Make sure all links and web pages are working in district before students take the field trip.
  • Continue the lesson offline! Supplement the trip by extending it to other content areas.  
Virtual Field Trip Sites
Please keep in mind that these links offer tours of amazing places, however to make this a virtual field trip with meaning, teachers should develop questions or goals for students to accomplish while visiting the sites. Teachers- Don't forget to check out other virtual field trip resources in the Tech Tools for Teachers Google Classroom  

Google Arts and Culture

Google Sky

Google Mars

Google Moon

Google Lit Trips

Le Louvre

Mt. Everest

National Museum of Natural History - Virtual Tours

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History 

Tour the White House in 360 Degrees

The Virtual Smithsonian

Plimoth Plantation- Scholastic's New Plimoth Plantation tours- Tour the Village, Tour the Wampanoag Homesite and Tour the Plimoth Plantation

The Teachers Guide to Virtual Tours

Kids Zone- Virtual Tours- Farm related (elementary)

Please visit the Tech Tools for Teachers Google Classroom for more Virtual Field Trips.