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Epic! School for Kids

Epic! School for Kids

Available for use on Chromebooks and iPads

When can students use Epic!
During school hours (7 am - 4 pm local time, M-F), students can log in from anywhere using your class code. During this time, they can read as long and as much as they want!

After school (after 4pm local time, M-F and weekends), students can continue reading on Epic Free! Parents or guardians only need an email address to sign up.
No trials. No credit cards. Epic Free unlocks:
  • A selection of high-quality, educational books for after-school
    reading – up to 2 hours every week
  • Ability for you to assign Epic Free books for continued learning
  • “Parent Dashboard” to help parents & guardians monitor students’ reading progress
  • Visit our FAQ Page for more details.

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