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All students and teachers must login with their Portnet Google Account. 


Getting Started- All these great tips in one location- use the links below!

  • 10- Step Guide: Discovery Education- A quick start guide to exploring Discovery Education Streaming in ten easy steps.

  • My DE- The My DE page is your home page and hub to Discovery Education services and tools. My DE highlights key content, timely resources, and in-person and online events.

  • Search for Resources- Use a variety of search tools to efficiently locate video segments, images, songs, sound effects, encyclopedia articles, audio files, events, lesson plans, animations, clip art, and more.

  • Bookmark with QuickList and My Content- Discovery Education offers two ways to bookmark resources for easy access in the future.

  • Playing and Downloading Videos- Stream or download video content. Easy-to-use tabs provide quick access to smaller video segments, the video transcript, citation information, related materials, and other titles in the same series.

  • Listening to and Downloading Audio- Discovery Education audio includes songs, sound effects, and other audio, which can include podcasts, audiobooks, short stories, poetry, historic speeches, and more.

  • Viewing and Downloading Images- Discovery Education images can be viewed and saved in a variety of sizes to best match your instructional goals or project needs.

  • Interactive and Other Resources- Discovery Education offers a variety of interactive and other resources to engage students and supplement or enhance instruction.

  • Get Started with Studio- Discovery Education Studio is a safe and secure space for teachers and students to flexibly create and collaborate on multimedia boards and slideshows from any device, anywhere. Access Studio from the top of your My DE homepage or from the grid navigation. 
  • SOS Instructional Strategies- SOS Instructional Strategies are research-based strategies for integrating Discovery Education digital curriculum resources in meaningful, effective, and practical ways. Find the complete SOS series organized by student skill or instructional intent in Instructional Strategies in the top of your My DE homepage. 
  • Educator Supports- Find the support you’re looking for. Explore the Educator Supports tile at the top of your My DE homepage to find everything from getting started to trending education topics to helping leaders maximize the DE experience in their schools and districts. Find a wealth of professional learning opportunities that fit your schedule, real-life examples of DE in action, interactive courses, and ready-to-use toolkits. Connect with educators from around the world through the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) Community. You’ll find inspiration, timely recommendations, and best practices.
STUDIO- Discovery Education's new creation tool

With this exciting new creation and collaboration tool, there are endless possibilities to develop engaging lessons and facilitate collaboration among students. Teachers can curate and assign digital content. Students can demonstrate learning independently or collaboratively by creating digital boards in a safe and secure environment. 

Spotlight on Strategies

Creative, research-based instructional strategies, presented by teachers for teachers. These simple instructional strategies incorporate digital media in meaningful, effective, and practical ways. Try a Strategy and leave a comment telling your peers how you used it with your students.

Virtual Field Trip Events and Archives

Take your students beyond the classroom walls and into some of the world's most iconic locations for rich and immersive learning experiences — no permission slips required. Tour the National Archives, see how an egg farm works, explore NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, or hear from the President of the United States. Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips are fun, educational, and free!

Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Discovery Education now offers teachers the opportunity to engage your students with 360 degrees of real world video content to take them to new depths, new heights, and a whole new immersive level of learning