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The district has added a Single Sign-on (SSO) option using the district’s Portnet Google accounts for all BrainPOP products in district. The new SSO option will allow K-8 teachers to sync with Google Classroom rosters or Create a Class to assign BrainPOP content directly to students and offer teachers and students the ability to utilize additional features such as the Quiz Mixer, Make a Map and Make a Movie.

Please note that K-8 students and teachers can still use all of the BrainPOP sites with the generic building codes on Chromebooks, Desktop computers and iPads. This feature will continue to be available for all users.

K-8 teachers and students can now find the BrainPOP app in their Google Apps. Please carefully read the information below before using the BrainPOP app with your students.

BrainPOP Google Apps

All K-8 students and teachers that login with SSO will have access to: 

  • BrainPOP
  • BrainPOP Jr.
  • BrainPOP Español
  • BrainPOP Français
  • BrainPOP ELL

Teacher Sign-on- Create a Class with BrainPOP- Teachers can create their own class in BrainPOP. Teachers should set up a class before students login using the SSO method. Students will join the class with a class code.

Teacher Sign-on- Roster a Class from Google Classroom- Teachers should login and roster students from Google Classroom before students login using the SSO method.  

Student Sign-on- Please note that if students have not been rostered through a Google Classroom or have a class code, they will be defaulted to the generic building account upon login. Once they are rostered or join a class, they will be able to use the additional features. 

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