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PEP Questions Frequently Asked by Parents

What is the criteria for the PEP core group?

Please see the District’s PEP website for the criteria.

What is the timeline for the PEP core group selection process?
Once students have met the criteria for I.Q. Testing, and the consent form has been returned to school, students are tested based on availability of psychologists. When testing is completed for the cohort of students, parents will be notified in writing of the results. 

Can you accept outside I.Q. testing?
No, all testing for the PEP core group must be done in-district.

How do I get my child prepared for the test?
There is no special preparation for this test, although children should be healthy and well rested.

When will my child be tested?
The psychologists schedule the children upon availability and may administer the test on any day your child is well enough to attend school. Parents are not notified in advance of the date and time of testing. The testing may take several months.

When will I get the results of the I.Q. testing?

After testing has been completed for the cohort of children, parents are notified in writing whether or not their child qualified for the PEP core group. Upon receipt of this letter, if you would like to have a printout of the results, please email a request to the appropriate PEP teacher. Their email is on the consent form and the district website.

What if my child’s I.Q. score is close? What if my child has a qualifying I.Q. score but doesn’t meet four qualifying criteria?
If a child’s score is 125 or greater, or the child has a qualifying score of 130, but has not met a total of four qualifying criteria, an automatic review process will take place. The review process ONLY applies to students who attained an I.Q. score of 125 or higher in one or more of the following areas: Verbal I.Q., Fluid Reasoning I.Q., and/or Full Scale I.Q. or General Ability I.Q. The automatic review process takes into account the overall strengths of the student in 6-8 areas to determine student eligibility for entrance in the PEP Core Group.  If the child does not meet the criteria after the automatic review, these scores can be used in the future when new data become available.

If my child doesn’t qualify for the core group, can s/he qualify at another time?
If the child qualifies for the automatic review, then s/he may enter the program if s/he meets the criteria in the future. Speak with your building’s PEP teacher regarding your child’s qualifying criteria.

If my child’s I.Q testing results do not meet the criteria, can my child be re-administered the I.Q. test?

No. If a child does not meet the criteria for I.Q., an automatic review is conducted. The review process applies only to students who attained an I.Q. score of 125 or higher in one or more of the following areas: Verbal I.Q., Fluid Reasoning I.Q., and/or Full Scale I.Q. or General Ability I.Q.

How long are standardized test scores used as criteria?
The scores are kept until a later assessment is administered and new scores are received by the district. Please refer to the PEP Criteria for an explanation of how the standardized test scores are used. The only exception to this is the Standardized Non-verbal Abilities Assessment given to students in third grade. This score can be used as a qualifying criterion through 5th grade.

My child’s teacher told me s/he was recommending him/her for the PEP core group. Why wasn’t my child accepted?
When a teacher completes a Student Evaluation Scale, it is based upon his/her observations of characteristics of giftedness that student demonstrates in the classroom; it is not a recommendation for the program. It is only one piece of information used in the identification process.

Do you use all of the Student Evaluation Scales from year to year as part of the identification process?

The two most recent Student Evaluation Scales will be used. Please see the District’s PEP website for more information on the criteria.

Is there a limit to the number of students who can participate in the core group?
No. Every student who meets the criteria is admitted to the core group.

Once my child is admitted to the PEP core group, must s/he qualify each year?
No. Students do not need to re-qualify each year. Students qualifying for the program in elementary school are automatically eligible to receive PEP core group services at Weber Middle School through 6th grade.

My child’s report card/conference form indicates excellent work. Why isn’t my child in the core group?
Classroom performance is not the only consideration in the selection process. A variety of components, designed to identify students with a potential for remarkably high levels of achievement when compared to other children of their age and experience, comprise the selection criteria.

If my child has a particular gift, talent or area of strength, what can I do to help develop it?
When a particular interest, talent or gift emerges, it is important to encourage its development by providing your child with many opportunities to experience that area of interest. School is only one place to look for enrichment activities.

(revised 3/2023)