Creative Arts » NEW: 2022 NYSSMA Solo and Ensemble Festivals

NEW: 2022 NYSSMA Solo and Ensemble Festivals

2022 NYSSMA Solo/Ensemble Festivals 

NYSSMA Solo and Ensemble Festivals are currently schedule to be in person! The dates and locations are listed below. Registration and payment will be electronic. (Please contact your school music teacher if you would like to pay with cash or check.)

IMPORTANT: You must register AND pay. These are separate forms (links below.)

Please click one of the links below to register:
NYSSMA Solo/Ensemble Payment

(Please note that all solos/ensembles MUST be selected from the CURRENT NYSSMA Manual Edition 32, dated July 1, 2018)  

Piano Festival (Except jazz piano)

Registration Deadline: Friday, January 28th

Piano Levels 1-6 (non-jazz): Tuesday, March 15th, Wednesday, March 16th, and Thursday, March 17th (Adelphi University)

Solo/Ensemble Festivals (Except classical piano)

Registration Deadline: Friday, January 28th

Level 1-4 (includes jazz piano, no vocal jazz): Tuesday, March 29th and Wednesday, March 30th (Paul D. Schreiber High School)

Level 5 & 6 and All-State (includes non-all-state jazz piano, no vocal jazz): Friday, April 8th and Saturday, April 9th (Herricks High School)

All-State Instrumental Jazz and ALL Vocal Jazz: Friday, May 20th and Saturday, May 21st (Mineola High School)

Levels 1-6 Harp: Friday, May 6th and Saturday, May 7th (Syosset High School)

Classical Guitar: Tuesday, April 12th and Wednesday, April 13th (Howard B. Mattlin Middle School, Plainview)


The New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) annual Solo and Ensemble Festival is an opportunity for students to receive an objective evaluation of a musical performance. Participating in NYSSMA requires a student to perform a solo, scales, and sight-reading for an adjudicator. The student will receive a numerical and written evaluation. While NYSSMA is open to all students, please discuss with the school music teacher or a private teacher regarding whether your child is ready to participate in this type of evaluation.

NYSSMA is an excellent chance for students to grow musically and rise to new challenges in their musical endeavors.

Please note that this year's NYSSMA scores are the main criteria for next year's NMEA All-County selection committee.