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Social and Emotional Learning Initiative Launched at Sousa



    By now you should have received an email or flyer informing you of our new social and emotional learning initiative at Sousa that we are calling "Sousa Strong." This is a school wide, year long theme designed to have our kids feel good about themselves, act to help others, and work towards building community.  Through a number of events, assemblies, and activities we hope that Sousa students will grow to become more kind, confident, and compassionate.


    This initiative dovetails nicely with recent DASA (Dignity for All Students Act) legislation as well as with our superintendent's district theme for the year:  Hope and Gratitude. We have a number of activites planned for the month of October (which is National Bullying Prevention Month) and a big kick off event planned for November 6th (John Philip Sousa's Birthday!) where we hope to have over 600 students and over 100 adults wearing their new "we are Sousa Strong" T-shirts!  Thanks to Jen Biblowitz and Dr. Nadine Fitoussi for their good work creating this initiative and to art teacher Steve Moore and parent Steve Avazis for the design and creation of our logo and T shirt.


    For more information, check out this month's Sousa Notes and the Power Point presentation made at the October 15 Sousa HSA meeting at the following link:



    we are Sousa Strong!