• Common Core Algebra 2 Plus Unit Plan
    Unit 1 – Functions and Models

    Unit 2 – Quadratics 

    Unit 3 – Polynomial Functions

    Unit 4 – Rational Functions

    Unit 5 - Rational Exponents and Radical Equations

    Unit 6 – Exponential Functions  

    Unit 7 – Logarithmic Functions

    Unit 8 - Circular Functions - Trigonometry  

    Unit 9 – Sequence and Series

    Unit 10 – Probability

    Unit 11 - Introduction to Statistics 



    - Homework:  Will be assigned each class and checked. 

     - Extra Help:  My schedule is posted outside the math office and on my desk. 

    If you need extra help you can see the following times:

    ·        3-1 Day A, B, C, D, or F

    ·        Hall Duty Slots

    ·        Make an appointment to meet before or after school


    If you are absent the day of a test or a quiz, then you are required to take the assessment the day you returned.



    Grading Policy

    • Tests are out of 100 points.
    • Quizzes will range from 10 to 60 points.
    • Homework/Classwork will be out of 50 points.  You will lose 3 points for each missed homework.
    • To figure out your grade you divide your total points by total possible points.