• Welcome Student Athletes and Parents:

    Selecting a college that meets the academic, athletic and social expectations is an important decision for high school student athletes and their families. Choosing a particular college or university should be based on personal fit/how well an institution can meet his or her needs. Student athletes must make initial contact with college coaches, follow through, and assert themselves, particularly if coaches aren’t recruiting students first. The counseling staff is here to support you through the process and work with you to ensure that the post-secondary process addresses both academic and athletic needs. 

    Academically, it is important that you begin freshmen year with selecting high school courses that meet all NCAA requirements. Be sure to communicate with both your counselor of your potential interest to play sports at the college level, as well as your high school coach.  Your coach will be able to give you a realistic assessment of your ability and confer with college coaches on your behalf. In addition, teachers are great resources as well! 


    1. As early as the completion of junior year, you may register with the National Colleagiate Athletic Association (NCAA) at www.eligibilitycenter.org and request to have a copy of your transcript sent from guidance by completing the 'NCAA Transcript Release Form' as indicated below. 
    2. Scrutinize the NCAA.org website to be certain that you meet all requirements as they apply to Division I and Dividsion II. Division III eligibility is determined by the college/university themselves.
    1. Meet with high school and travel team coaches to evaluate ability and also to determine appropriate level of play (Division I, II and Ill).
    2. Develop an athletic resume/profile.
    3. Contact college coaches via email, letter, or phone to express your interest in attending and playing for specific schools. Many college websites have prospective athlete questionnaires that you can complete online.
    4. Visit colleges as often as possible and take notes.

     **Students must request final transcripts be sent to the NCAA by completing the NCAA Transcript Release Form - this step is required for eligibility!**

    Identified below are additional resources to help guide you in your college athletic pursuits.  Be sure to also check out CoreCourseGPA.com for information on how to track your academic eligibility progress. Corecoursegpa is a free service offered to Schreiber students.  Click on the CoreCourseGPA Information Sheet for additional information.

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