• Additional Science Sites


    An online educational resource that provides free science and math games and activities that promote critical thinking. Choose from Simple Machines, Virtual Knee Surgery or Stem Cell Heart Repair, among others. All activities meet state and national standards.
    Great Plant Escape- Roots and Stems
    This web page covers parts of a plant- Roots and stems.

    Great Plant Escape- Functions of Leaf and Photosynthesis 
    This web page covers parts of a plant- functions of the leaf and photosynthesis.

    Great Plant Escape- Function of a Flower 
    This web page covers parts of a plant- function of a flower.

    Great Plant Escape- Function of Fruit  
    This web page covers parts of a plant-function of fruit.

    Cell Structure
    Grade 6- Cell Structure Activity

    This site covers: Roles of organisms in an ecosystem
    Energy flow through ecosystems Food Webs and Chains -How can we create a food web for a particular ecosystem?  This site includes an example.

    About the Solar System
    This web page covers the history, nature and design of the solar system.

    NASA Solar System
    This page from NASA has information on all the planets and a Solar System Simulator that allows students to view the  planets from different spacecrafts or from other planets.

    The Universe
    This very complete site tells the story of the history, nature and design of the universe.  Facts have been simplified to make them easy to understand.

    Pollution Resources

    Acid Rain
    This Web site is designed to introduce younger children to the subject of acid rain through a variety of fun, interactive activities.
    Understanding Acid Rain
    Students will learn the affects Acid Rain has on the environment and people

    Acid Rain Effects
    Students learn about the effects felt through the Food Chain

    Clean Air Kids
    Here you will find a series of information sheets for ages 5 to 11, to help learn about our planet's air and mankind's impact upon it. There are also a series of games and puzzles to help you learn and have some fun...

    This documentary explores the phenomenon of ocean acidification.

    Road Salt

    Effects Of Road Deicing On Environment
    Tackle the complex problem of maintaining safe roads for winter travelers and reducing the harmful effects of deicing on the surrounding soils and lakes.