• Keyboarding Games

    Cup Stacking Typing (K-5)
    Stack and un-stack the cups by typing the keyboard characters on them. 

    Ghost Typing (2-5)
    Players must keyboard the letters that are on the ghosts before they get too close! If the ghosts get too close the game is over! 

    Keyboarding Zoo (k-2)
    A fun and educational activity to help early elementary age students learn the keyboard. Children are encouraged to use their index or pointer fingers to match letters on the screen to their keyboards. 

    Keyboarding Zoo 2 (K-2)
    The keyboarding zoo is back! This fun and educational activity will focus on uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as, typing words and making short sentences using the period key and spacebar.

    Jump Key (1-5)
    Fast paced keyboarding game for the whole family! Help the little ball get to the top of the world by correctly typing uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers as quickly as you can! While speed gets you to the top faster, you can relax and take your time as well. Only the unlimited final round requires speedy typing!

    Keyboarding Challenge (2-5)
    Imagine that your keyboard fell apart and you had to put all the keys back in their correct places! Now is your chance to practice! Your job is to put a keyboard back together. You can click and drag letters to their correct places. Only the letters in the right spots will stay! Choose the keyboard design you like below and click on it to begin. Children can select LETTERS & NUMBERS ONLY -or- ALL KEYS for an extra challenge!

    Typing Rocket (2-5)
    An exciting keyboarding game for kids of all ages! Pop the rockets by typing the letters that appear on them. The game gets progressively more difficult as the time winds down. 

    Dance Mat Typing
    Meet the gang and learn to type.
    Make your way through all 12 stages and you can be a top typist.

    The Chameleon game is helpful for practicing typing structured text, while improving the typing speed and accuracy.

    Meteor Game

    Blow up 3D meteors while learning and practicing the positions of the letters on the keyboard.
    Sky Chase is a multi-player racing game that allows students from anywhere in the world to race one another while practicing typing and keyboard skills! 
    Basic questions about the keyboard, punctuation, and correct posture. 
    Basic questions about the keyboard, punctuation, and correct posture. 
    Keyboard Revolution. Get your fingers ready for the groove and type your favorite dancing moves. Fun characters will show off your skills. Find your favorite dance tune to play along.
    Desert Typing Racer. Looking for adventure? Like the thrill of driving down the highway at supersonic speeds and jumping over cars in your way? 
    There are two timed keyboarding tests to choose from. Our original Timed Typing Test is available and allows you to submit your speed to our realtime world wide scoreboard. The Typing Certificate Test allows you to print out a certificate with your name, and typing speed. Enjoy!
    Typing Jets is a multi-player racing game that allows students from anywhere in the world to race one another while practicing typing and keyboard skills! 
    Type the letters as they appear in the bubbles underwater!
    FreeTypingGame.Net is proud to offer a complete interactive typing tutor to learn to type. Learning to type has never been easier. We teach 2 keys at a time, followed up with a review of all the keys in the previous lessons. 
    In ancient keyboarding times people from all over the world celebrated typing. they held a competition to see who was the world's top typist. The three events will test your skills. 
    Help barracuda keep its river clean. Type words into the box as they appear floating down the river. Barracuda will knock them out. It is a loosing battle and river will grow darker as barracuda slowly looses. When barracuda starts gaining, the river will get bluer. 
    Pick your topic and level and then see how fast you can type the phrases as they scroll down the page. 
    Learning typing is the focus of these keyboarding games. Learning keyboarding skills is vital for today's learners and tomorrows earners. These fun free typing games are a great way to build the foundation through typing skills that today's elementary school curriculum requires. These keyboarding games teach important skills for preschool and elementary school kids.... oh yeah, they're fun!
    A free typing game to learn and practice typing on a computer keyboard.
    Learn to type with Alphabetic Rain typing game. Part of PowerTyping an online learn to type tutorial which focuses on learning typing with the rhythm of music.
    An introduction to touch typing for children aged 7 - 11 years.