• Language Arts- Grade Level K-1

    Interact with your favorite Dr. Seuss book characters.

    Nick Jr.
    Play kid online games with characters from your favorite Nick Jr. TV shows.

    Play hundreds of fun educational kid’s games with PBS KIDS favorites such as Curious George, Elmo, Super Why, The Cat in the Hat and many more!

    School Home Links 
    This site has more than 100 School-Home Links activities for grades K, 1, 2, and 3.  The activities are organized by reading and literacy skills appropriate to each grade.  Under each specific skill, there are varying numbers of activities to help children develop their ability to read and write.
    Clifford Storybooks
    Clifford interactive storybooks.
    Storybear's Stories 
    Offered by the BBC, this site has three very entertaining interactive storybooks.  Students must listen carefully and participate for the story to continue.
    Children's Storybooks 
    This site contains a number of illustrated online stories written for kids of all ages. Two of the stories include printable activities including a coloring book and a maze.  
    Building Language for Literacy
    This web page brought to you by Scholastic uses three characters.  Each character leads children on a language adventure to different places in the community, helping children not only develop language skills, but a sense of the world around them, as well.  
    Clifford Phonics Fun
    Clifford The Big Red Dog. Phonics Fun for Early Readers.
    Virtual Library 
    The Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenburg County sponsors StoryPlace, an interactive web site.  It provides children with the virtual experience of going to the library and participating in the same types of activities the library offers.  Available in Spanish.
    Binky's Story Scramble
     Interactive practice of story sequence.  Students read three sentence panels and then put the story in order.

    What's the Word?
    Students click on the word that best describes the picture.  Six topics at various levels.
    Rhyme Practice
    Three levels of interactive rhyme practice.
    Interactive Activities 
    Shockwave plug-in needed.  This page contains an index of Kindergarten  Language Arts interactive programs including Missing Alphabets, Letters and Pictures, Letter Blends, and more.

    Click on the blend that begins or ends the picture name.

    See 'N Spell Blends   
    Look at each picture. Click and drag the letters into the grey box to spell the word. Click on the Check Work Button to check your answer. This game has 10 questions.

    Elephant Matching Game
    Tests student’s memory turning over cards one at a time and trying to make matches.  The program automatically gets progressively more challenging as the student completes a level, provides great fine motor skill and memory training for the primary grades.

    Paw Park
    Language Arts activities that have three levels – beginning, intermediate, advanced – good for letter recognition, differentiate between real and make believe and consonant blends.