• Math- Grade Level 2-3

    Students Solving Problems Video Tutorials
    Videos of students using various strategies to solve addition, subtraction and multiplication problems. 

    An Adding and Subtracting Game.  Use your addition or subtraction skills to help the caterpillar "mathemorphosize" to a beautiful butterfly. Each time you answer a math problem correctly, your caterpillar will chew up a leaf and get larger. If you keep answering questions correctly, your butterfly will form a cocoon (chrysalis)around itself until it bursts out as one of four different kinds of butterflies

    Arcade + Academics = Fun Learning!
    Engage and motivate students with multiplayer educational games. Play the games for free, and with Arcademics Plus you can track student performance, tailor game content, and analyze problems

    Flash Card Drill- 2Digit
    Flash card drill of 2-digit number addition, subtraction and multiplication.

    Hidden Picture Math
    Students reveal a hidden picture by finding the correct problem that adds up to the sum.
    Math Dojo

    Students kick box their way through math addition problems.

    Leon the Chameleon Math Stories
    Excellent site for Math Stories!  Students must read the problem (or have the computer read the problem to them), type in the number sentence and answer, and click check the problem.  They get immediate feed back.  Students may practice either addition and subtraction or multiplication and division.

    Math Test Preparation Grade 2
    This site, from Houghton Mifflin, provides interactive quizzes in math.  Each practice set has eight questions.  Students get instant feedback when they take the quizzes and their final score is reported. 
    Math Test Preparation Grade 3
    This site, from Houghton Mifflin, provides interactive quizzes in math.  Each practice set has eight questions.  Students get instant feedback when they take the quizzes and their final score is reported. 
    Test the Toad
    This program presents addition and subtraction problems to students using numbers up to 15.  Incomplete addition problems appear at the top of the screen, above a number line formed of people wearing numbered shirts.  Children indicate the correct answer by clicking on the appropriately numbered shirt.  If the answer is correct the toad will jump to that shirt. 
    High Rise Math
    This two player game has students add and subtract their way to the top. 
    Willie the Watchdog
    Two player program allows students to practice telling Time.
    Time for Time
    This site contains a teaching clock that can be used for whole class instruction as well as an interactive learning clock for student practice.  In addition, the site has time telling games, quizzes and a printable clock for student use. 
    Who Wants Pizza?
    This site provides students with a fun way to learn about fractions.  There is interactive practice with fractions, equivalent fractions, adding fractions, and multiplying fractions too.
    Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop
    A fun way for students to practice identifying simple fractions.  Students enter their name, read the clients order, select the pizza size, apply the appropriate toppings and then click 'send' to find out if they correctly completed the fraction problems. 
    Pizza Fractions
    How many pieces of pizza are left?  Simple Fractions practice.
    Spending Spree
    Counting change.  Students choose item to buy and count mixed change (penny, nickel, dime, quarter) to pay. 
    Measure it! 
    Students practice measuring with on-line rulers.  They can use centimeter or inch tools to practice easy, medium, hard, and super brain measuring problems.

    Multiplication Mystery
    Students move a  number tile, the product of two factors,  to a square on a grid where the missing factors meet.

    This math multiplication program is fashioned after the television program 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire'.  Students earn virtual money by answering multiplication problems correctly.

    Leon's Mathblox
    This math program allows students to practice solving addition, subtraction, and multiplication  number sentences and problems.

    Math Mayhem
    The goal is for students to answer as many math problems in a row as they can in this timed multiplayer math drill.  An announcer will encourage children as they work.   Students can choose to practice Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication of Division.