• Math- Grade Level K-1

    Use your addition or subtraction skills to help the caterpillar "mathemorphosize" to a beautiful butterfly. Each time you answer a math problem correctly, your caterpillar will chew up a leaf and get larger. If you keep answering questions correctly, your butterfly will form a cocoon (chrysalis) around itself until it bursts out as one of four different kinds of butterflies

    123 Order 
    This program has a number line on the bottom of the screen, 1-10,
    Students fill in which number comes next.

    Number Sense 
    Students fill in the Missing Numbers from 1 to 10.

    Count Your Chickens 
    Students count animal pictures in groups from 1 to 10.
    Numbers Students Find Groups of Things from 1 to 10.
    Count Us In
    This site has 15 interactive primary games.  Each is designed to help children understand basic number concepts.  Activities include counting, grouping, ordinal numbers and more.  All games require Flash 5 or higher.  
    Number Train 
    Students build a train by moving boxcars numbered 1-10. Students hear the number's name and see the written number. When they click on a boxcar they see graphic representations of the number.
    The Counting Story 
    Students click on a number from 1-11, they see the number, a number sentence, and a graphic representation (bunnies) of the amount they clicked on. 

    Count the fish shown, and then click the shell with the correct number. 1-10 Narrated

    Same or Different 
    Students click on the picture with the same number of items as the example on the left of the screen. 
    How many? 
    Students practice counting and click on the number equal to the number of shapes shown. 
    Counting Sets 
    This site has students practice counting different sets of animals.
    Snakes and Ladders 
    Students play a game similar to Chutes and Ladders students count forward.  The game can be adjusted for 1 or 2 players.
    Dam Jammer 
    Students must find and drag the shape to plug the hole that is in the dam.  There are three levels and each gets progressively harder.  They levels are Basic Shapes, Flips and Turns and Combine Shapes. 
    Buzzing with Shapes 
    Buzzing with Shapes- Students play against each other, they count sides on different shapes and play a game almost like tic-tac-toe.
    Sorting Bumper Cars 
    Students sort bumper cars placing cars in the correct circle.  This activity has students practice recognizing equal to and more than.
    Count Hoot 
    Young students practice addition, subtraction or a combination of both skills by counting ladybug spots.  There are three skill levels.
    Students are presented with a pattern and are asked to identify what
    comes next.
    Number Sentences 
    Students answer the question by putting the cursor inside the answer box, then use the keyboard to type the number. 
    Addition- Students answer the addition problems by putting the cursor in the  answer box below the question, then they use the keyboard to type in the number.

    Picture Adding

    Students add pictures that appear in each box and enter the correct answer from three choices that are provided for them.

    Students answer the subtraction problems by putting the cursor in the answer box below the question, then they use the keyboard to type in the number.
    Number Grid 
    Students must fill in the blank squares in the number grid to count from 1 to 100.  Great practice site!