• Although you may not have considered it, you are your child’s first and most important teacher.   Children begin to develop as readers and writers before they ever come to school.  You help your child learn to use print in all of its forms whenever you do the following:

    • Make a grocery list
    • Read a newspaper
    • Read the mail
    • Look at a magazine
    • Look up a number in a phone book
    • Write a letter
    • Write a check
    • Make a “to do” list
    • Read a menu in a restaurant


    These little squiggly things we call letters are one way to communicate.  Think about the many ways you use print every day.  Now think about all of those daily tasks your child could help you do:

    • Read traffic signs and store signs
    • Write letters to grandparents
    • Follow a simple recipe
    • Make lists for chores, errands, groceries
    • Look at the newspaper
    • Take a trip to the library or the bookstore
    • Read labels on food boxes
    • Write down a phone message


    These are all literacy events- events in our daily lives. Writing can help develop children’s reading and writing skills.  By participating in these activities, children gain an understanding of the many uses of print.  Please keep me informed of literacy events in your home as we work together to help our new readers and writers continue to grow!