• SUPPLIES for 2020-2021


    The following is a copy of the list of items your child will need to begin the school year.

    (The following supplies will be going back and forth EVERY DAY)

    1. 3 pencils 

    2. 1 small box of color crayons 

    3. 1 box of washable markers (thick)

    4. 1 glue stick

    5. 1 Elmer’s School Glue

    6. 1 fiskars scissors(rounded tip)

    7. 1 marble notebooks (wide rule)

    8. 1 plastic folder

    9. 1 small pack of facial tissues to be kept in backpack for individual use 

    10. 1  small pack of baby wipes to be kept in a backpack for individual use.

    11. 1 pair of earbuds/headphones 

    12. 1 STYLUS (School will provide - extra from home will be used as spare)

    13. A change of clothes in a large ziplock bag 

    14. Small size towel to sit on while outside.

    15. An extra mask to be kept in backpack


    (The following items will stay in school.)

    1. 1 box of large zip lock bags

    1. 1 box of small zip lock bag


    (The following supply will stay at home until asked to bring in)

    1.  A smock or an old large t-shirt to wear for art


              As the year progresses, if additional supplies are needed, you will be contacted.

              **If this creates an undo hardship, please contact the school nurse (767 - 5300) who can further support you.