• The Kite Runner Compare and Contrast Essay -Subject by Subject

    Subjects form which to choose:   Amir, Hassan, Baba, Rahim Khan and Ali
    Cowardice vs. Bravery
    Jealousy vs. Admiration/Encouragement
    Meanness/Malice vs. Kindness
    Foolishness/Stupidity vs. Wisdom  
    Selfishness vs. Sacrifice/Selflessness  
    Betrayal/Disloyalty vs. Loyalty
    Pride vs. Humility  
    Blame vs. Forgiveness
    I. Amir
       A. Cowardice
                i. Amir did not save Hassan from being raped by Assef, nor did he tell anyone about it.
                   ii. Amir closed his eyes and he threw up at the soccer game when he was with his father.
                   iii. Amir did not do anything/say anything when Assef came to his party and mistreated Hassan.
                   iv. Amir did not tell the truth about settiing Hassan up as a thief.
                   V. Amir allowed Hassan to fight his battles for him.
    B. Bravery
                   i. Amir fought Assef.
                   ii. Amir approached Soraya at the flee market.
                     iii. Amir showed up at the soccer game where the stoning occurred to meet with the mysterious man from whom he would retrieve Sohrab.
    C. Jealousy
                   i. Amir was jealous of Hassan's ability to skip the rock farther on the river and Baba was proud of Hassan.
                   ii. Amir was jealous when Baba would invite/ include Hassan.
                     iii. Amir was jealous when Baba bought an equally nice kite for Hassan.
                      iv. Amir was jealous when Baba would give gifts to Hassan on his birthday-especially when Baba gave him the gift of surgery to fix his harelip. 
    D. Admiration/Encouragement
                   i. Amir encouraged Sohrab to move to America.
    E. Meanness/Malice
                i. Amir would lie to Hassan about the menaings of words when he read to Hassan.
                   ii. Amir asked Hassan if he would eat dirt to prove his loyalty.
                    iii. Amir threw pomegranates at Hassan.
    F. Kindness
                   i. Amir would give his old toys to Hassan.
                    ii. Amir gave Sohrab the picture fo him and his father.
                     iii. Amir gave generous amounts of money to Farid and his brother.
                      iv. Amir told Sohrab that he wasn't "dirty."
    G. Foolishness/Stupidity
                   i. Amir felt guilty about his mother's death and Amir did not think that his father loved him as a result.
    H. Wisdom
                   i. Amir was patient with Sorhab's recovery. he recognized that "time heals all wounds."
    I. Selfishness
                   i. Amir was concerned about his own fate when Baba was willing to risk his life for the woman threatened by the Russians.
                   ii. Amir was also concerned about his own fate when Baba did not want to take measures to prolong his life.
                   iii. Amir was initially was more concerned about himself (his own skin) than saving Sorhab from the orphanage.
    J. Sacrifice/Selflessness
                   i. Amir decided to find and save Sohrab despite the hardship of doing so.

    K. Betrayal/Disloyalty 
                   i. Amir treated Hassan very badly after Hassan had scarificed himself for the kite. Amir was rude at the table; he did not want to read to Hassan anymore; and he no loonger wanted to play. 
    L. Loyalty
                   i. Amir was loyal to Rahim Khan's dying wish that he find and save Sohrab.
                    ii. Amir was loyal to Hassan's memory by saving and raising his son, as well as by telling Sohrab stories about Hassan.
    M. Pride
                   i. Amir won the kite tournament.
                   ii. Amir saw the smile on Sohrab's face.
                 iii. Amir was proud of Baba on several occasions.
                   iv. Amir is proud of his wife, Soraya.
                   V. Amir is proud of his writing.
    N. Humility
                   i. Amir felt humbled when they moved to San Francisco and their lives changed.
                      ii. Amir felt humility when he returned to Afghanistan and saw what became of it.
    O. Blame
                      i. Amir blames Baba
                      ii. Amir blames Hassan
                      iii. Amir blames Rahim Kahn
    P. Forgiveness   
                                 i. Amir forgives Baba
                      ii. Amir forgives Hassan
                      iii. Amir forgives Rahim Kahn
                                        iv. Amir forgives himself.
    II. Hassan
       A. Cowardice
       B. Bravery
                i. Hassan fought for Amir many times, especially when Assef was bullying Amir and Hassan threatened Assef with the slingshot.
                   ii. Hassan faced his death with courage.
                    iii. Hassan accpeted the blame for the "stolen" money and watch. 
          C. Jealousy
          D. Admiration/Encouragement
            i. Hassan admired Amir for his intelligence.
                   ii. Hassan admired Amir for his reading and writing abilities.

       E. Meanness/Malice
          F. Kindness
                  i. Hassan helped fly Amir's kite and ran for it while he allowed Amir to receive alll of the glory.
         G. Foolishness/Stupidity
                i. Hassan's "foolishness," represented by his goodness with respect to Amir, can be explained, excused, by his culture and upbringing.

       H. Wisdom
          i. Hassan exercised tolerance for his own sake, as well as Amir's.
          ii. Hassan exercised patience and a belief in Amir and God.   
          I. Selfishness
          J. Selflessness/Sacrifice
                  i. Hassan sacrificed his body for Amir's kite.
                   ii. Hassan sacrificed his home when he accepted the blame for the stolen watch and money.
          K. Betrayal/Disloyalty 
          L. Loyalty
                   i. Sacrifice of his body, home, and his exercise of patience, tolerance.
                      ii. Hassan spoke highly of Amir to Sohrab
                         iii. Hassan named his child sohrab in remembrance of the story that Amir used to tell him.
               iv. Hassan wrote a letter to Amir.
          M. Pride
                   i. Hassan took pride in being a Hazara and his work.
                      ii. Hassan took pride in his son.
                      iii. Hassan took pride in his friendship with Amir.
                            iv. Hassan exhibited pride when he refused to move into Baba's house, but instead returned to his home/hut.
          N. Humility
             i. Hassan felt humility when Amir would treat him like an "imbecile," while reading to him.
                      ii. Hassan felt humility when Amir threw pomegranates at him.
                       iii. Hassan felt humility when Amir asked him to eat dirt to prove his loyalty.
             O. Blame               
                    i. Hassan blamed his mother for abandonning him.
            P. Forgiveness
              i. Hassan forgave Amir right away for the fact that Assef raped him, but also for falsley accusing him of stealing.
                       ii. Hassan forgave his mother.