• Everything You Want to Know About Weber       

       Our fifth year students will be moving up to Weber very soon.  In order to help prepare for this transition, they participated in a video conference with our sixth grade friends at Weber in the middle of May.  We  compiled a list of questions about Weber so our fifth graders could find out what to expect when they enter middle school in September. After our video conference, we created a newsletter to share with the other fifth year students at Manorhaven.
    What is your learning Style?
     poster 1        poster 2
          Do you know your learning style?  Are you a visual learner?  Auditory?  Kinesthetic? We discovered our individual styles.  We used some cool inventories to find out how we learn best.  With this information, we discovered  the learning strategies that work best with our learning styles. We created posters which we can use as a reference.