• Our Class Garden




    flower The students in Mrs. Rex’s class are the proud caretakers of the Manorhaven garden near the playground.  Each year Mrs. Rex’s students have planted perennials and tended to the garden.  Caring for the garden is chock full of learning experiences.
    Working in the garden, students learn:
                                           the difference between perennials and annuals
                                           the stages of plant growth from planting seeds to the end of the plant’s season
                                           the value of different insects in the garden
                                           to determine what is of value and what is not within the garden

                                                      pride and responsibility in their work
    The garden also provides opportunities for authentic writing. The students keep garden journals and record the different observations throughout the season. Also, poetry is a natural follow up to the beauty and life within the garden. We read about plants and nature and produce our own as well.