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    Our class runs the schoolwide postal service. It is called “Manorhaven Mail.”  We, as a class, invite all of the children in the school to write letters to each other.  We write letters as well, to any person in our school.  Then one day a week we collect and sort the mail and on another day we distribute the mail. This project helps our class with numerous skills such as writing a letter, printing an address correctly, spelling, math, and communication.  We run the mail system for approximately four weeks in the Spring.


    Parents are encouraged to write at home as well. This can be as simple as writing on a sticky note. They can also send letters, cards or postcards through the mail. Children are encouraged to write to family members or to me.  


    This project not only offers a chance to practice necessary skills in a truly authentic way but it also offers the children a special chance to work within the school as the ones “in charge.” They visit other classrooms for pickup and delivery and get a tremendous sense of responsibility and importance.