Cure Cabin Fever with Fun Active Play!
    winter snow
    Cold winter days can bring on cabin fever. Here are a few ideas to cure cabin fever:
    Bring outdoor toys indoors!
    Clear space in the basement, family room or garage. Have fun when there is no sun!
    Get creative with tape!
    Use painter's tape to create an indoor hopscotch court, balance beam, free throw line, Twister-style game or jumping targets on the floor.
    Circuit train
    Create a family fitness routine together, using a combination of elements. Here are some great ideas:
    * Dancing
    * Stepping (on to a fitness stepper or a sturdy box or crate)
    * Skipping
    * Jumping Jacks
    * Lunges
    * Push-ups
    * Sit- ups
    * Squats
    Other fun ideas:
    Outdoor activities: sledding, ice skating,skiing, snowboarding, building snow igloo
    Indoor activities:  Wii exercise games, jump rope, yoga, board games.