• Our Kindergarten Buddies
    By Brandon

                    Mrs. Drucker’s 5th grade class is buddies with Mrs. Salazar’s kindergarten class. Our first time seeing them was the second Friday of school.   We read them books, played games with them and learned about them.  These are our buddies:

    Anikah and Emely                                                                                            Kayla and Jordana

    Sara and Denise                                                                                               Brayden, Jasper and Brandon    

    Victoria and Juliette                                                                                        Lauren, Lila and Nicholas

    Kaitlyn, Sophia and Andrew                                                                             Mimi and Ashley

    Adya and Ashley                                                                                              Noah, Jaeyoon and Eli

    Mia and Jeannie                                                                                               Alexandra and Adam     

    James and Harry                                                                                               Julian, Julia and John

    Yuya, Dylan and Jesse                                                                                       Ava and Emma

    Adyn and Michael

    They are really nice. We can’t wait to get to know more about them.  It will be a great year with them.  We are looking forward to doing projects, reading books and making it a great year!!!!!!!!!!