• Manorhaven Trivia by Dylan and Denise
    Do you think you know Manorhaven School?

              Try this test and find out


    1.    Manorhaven School was founded in_____.


    a.1987        b.1957


    c.2000        d.1870



    2.    How many rooms in total are there in Manorhaven?


    a.45            b.34


    c.56            d.25


    3.    As of October 2012 the number of students in this school is _______.


    a.375                   b.405


    c.406                   d.289 


    4.     How many teachers are in the whole school?


    a.44            b.50


    c.38            d.62


    5.    What are the names of the secretaries?


    a.     Mrs. Loveland         b. Mrs. Wadkins


    c. Mrs. Zimmer            d. a, b, and c