• TV Video Streaming Channels
    To address the need for the broadcasting of instructional programming, news and weather, the Technology Department in collaboration with Cablevsion has implemented a system to stream a number of live broadcast stations over the district's computer network. These streamed broadcasts can only be viewed when logged into School Wires and from within the district's computer network. Content is not available for home viewing or recording.

    How to Access the TV Video Streaming Channel Selections
    Visit the Port Washington School District Home Page.  https://www.portnet.org
    Click the Sign In link located in the top right corner of the page.
    Sign In
    Sign in to your Schoolwires account.
    Your login should be the same as your First Class email login.
    Locate the Staff Channel on the District Homepage and select TV Stations from the menu.
    TV Stations
    Select a Channel from the list to view. The channel will open in Windows Media Player.