• What is Math 9 Honors?
    Math 9H is an honors Common Core Geometry class with selected topics from Algebra 2/Trigonometry from an advanced standpoint.  The students who successfully master this course will be recommended for Math 10H.

    Math 9 Honors Unit Plan


    1A.  Factoring Polynomials, Quadratics, Quadratic & Rational Inequalities

    1B.  Radicals & Complex Numbers

    2.  Constructions

    3.  Transformations

    4.  Logic

    5.  Triangle Proofs

    6.  Inequality theorems, polygons, parallel lines, and algebra associated with mini theorems and definitions in geometry

    7.  Coordinate Geometry

    8.  Quadrilateral Proofs

    9.  Coordinate Proofs

    10.  Right Triangles and Trigonometry

    11.    Similarity


    13. Solid Geometry

    Common Core Geometry Regents



    - Homework:  Will be assigned each class and checked. 


    - Extra Help:  My schedule is posted outside the math office and on my desk. 

    If you need extra help you can see the following times:

    ·        4-1 Day A, B, C, D, or F

    ·        Hall Duty Slots

    ·        Make an appointment to meet before or after school


    If you are absent the day of a test or a quiz, then you are required to take the assessment the day you returned.



    Grading Policy

    • Tests are out of 100 points.
    • Quizzes will range from 10 to 60 points.
    • Homework/Classwork will be out of 30 points.  You will lose 3 points for each missed homework.
    • To figure out your grade you divide your total points by total possible points.