• Program Curriculum
    Whole Class  Enrichment ~ Elementary
    New for the 2019-20 school year, whole class enrichment has been expanded to include all grade levels. The Enrichment Teachers will work with classes on all levels Kindergarten through 5th grade. Full units include between 6 and 7 sessions while mini units include between 3 and 4 sessions.
    • Kindergarten classes participate in one mini-unit with the PEP teacher:  Fibonacci Fun; Water and Bubbleology; or an Observation unit.
    • First grade classes participate in one mini-unit with the PEP teacher: Fibonacci Numbers.
    • Second grade classes participate in two units with the PEP teacher: Computer Coding and Stem Challenges.
    • Third grade classes participate in three units with the PEP teacher: Engineering; Visual and Spatial Reasoning; and Computer Coding.
    • Fourth grade classes participate in two units with the PEP teacher: Aeronautical Engineering; Computer Coding.
    • Fifth grade classes particpate in one unit with the PEP teacher: Space Systems.
    Lunchtime Enrichment ~ Weber Middle School
    Lunchtime Enrichment (LTE) is open to all students in grades 6, 7, and 8. Students have an opportunity to participate in a variety of activities during their lunch/recess time.
    Activities include:
    • strategy games such as Othello and Quoridor
    • paper engineering and Origami
    • word games such as Scrabble and Bananagrams
    • math games such as 24 Game
    • visual spatial games such as Blink and SETgame
    • KNEX, KEVA and LEGO challenges and projects
    • TED Talks
    • Math Olympiads (once a month) Visit the Math Olympiad Page at Weber for more information
    Visit Weber's Lunchtime Enrichment Page for more information. 
    Core Group Curriculum
    Core Group curriculum is meant to enrich the classroom experience by exposing students to a more complex and advanced curriculum.  It provides students the opportunity to examine topics in depth and with more rigor. Some topics are an extension of concepts that are taught in the classroom.  Other topics are selected by the PEP teachers, in each building, to best meet the needs and interests of their core group students.  Some of the academic topics, studied in the past, are listed below.  
    Field trips and guest speakers are often used to further enrich the curriculum.  Some trips in the past have included visits to the Dolan DNA Learning Center in Cold Spring Harbor, The Museum of the Moving Image, Museum of American Finance in the Wall Street Area, and the Nassau County Supreme Courthouse. 
    Developing an advanced understanding of computer technology skills is a crucial part of our curriculum.  This area is addressed throughout the core group experience.
    Grade 4
    Codes and Ciphers
    Deductive Reasoning
    Computer Coding and Robotics 
    Math Olympiads
    Grade 5
    Economics and the Stock Market Game
    Computer Coding and Robotics
    Math Olympiads 
    Grade 6
    Collaborative Problem Solving
    Law Education and Mock Trial
    Passion Projects (Students conduct independent research on a topic of interest to them) 
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