• eBooks
    What are eBooks? They are electronic versions of printed books.
    eBooks are now available for our elementary teachers and students!
    Click on the image below to access our Follett Bookshelf.
    Our eBook borrowing policy is as follows:
       Students: 1 eBook at a time for 3 days.
       Teachers: 2 eBooks at a time for 5 days.
    Other facts you should know
     1.  The eBookshelf can be accessed through computers and devises (IPad, Galaxy, Blackberry,  etc.). It can not be accessed using ereaders.
     2. There are 2 types of eBooks:
             A. USA (Unlimited Simultaneous Access)- Any number of students and/or teachers can
                  view these books at the same time.
             B. Standard books- We have purchased a limited number of copies (5 or more) of this
                 book. If no copies are available you must wait until one becomes available (Just like
                 our print library boo
      3. Our Follett eBookshelf is shared across all 5 elementary schools.
      4. EBooks will automatically close after 30 minutes of inactivity. Borrowed items will return
           to your shelf. "Read on computer" items will return to the main Bookshelf.