• This year there are 24 little rascals in Mrs. Reilly's classroom. The boys and girls will be learning so much in second grade.  It will be an exciting time for all of us. As second graders we will be reading both fiction and non-fiction books. We will practice many reading comprehension strategies as second graders. Everyday we will have time to read on our own. By the end of second grade it is our goal that all the children will be able to read independently for a period of about thirty minutes.

    All of us are writers in Room 30. During Writer's Workshop we will use our special notebooks. We will try to make our stories interesting by adding details and many describing words to our stories.
    Second grade math is fun!  We will learn how to solve word problems, as well as learn to use many math strategies like doubles and neighbors and combinations that make ten. We will play math games and show our mathematical thinking.
    We will learn about our world today and what it was like to have lived in communities of long ago. We will learn about measurement, interactions, the solar system and other topics in science.

    Visiting our special teachers is so much fun. In Physical Education we enjoy all the activities that Mrs. Regan plans for us twice a week. We will get to have a scheduled Library period each week with Mrs. Noone until the end of January. Then Mrs. Reilly will bring us to the library to exchange our books each week until the end of the school year. As a class we enjoy singing and playing the musical instruments which Mrs. Utzig teaches us how to play. In Art Mrs. Vineis is encouraging us to use many different techniques in all the various art media that we use.  

    We like going to the Computer Lab, and we use the computers in our room every day.

    The best part of second grade is being with our friends. We are trying to treat everyone with kindness:

    "Kindness counts and caring is cool and that's what we expect at Manorhaven School."