Schreiber Physical Education Guidelines

            Physical education is a participation course that meets twice a cycle.  Attendance and active participation are important for achievement and grading.  For this reason the following requirements are imperative.

    · Dress Code/Preparation for class: All students are required to wear physical education type shorts (no cut-offs, no zippers), tee shirts, sweats or warm-ups, sneakers that secure, and socks.

    · Medicals: are obtained through the medical office. For a one day medical, a student must obtain a note from the nurse. Long term medicals of 2 weeks or more require a doctor’s approval. For a long term medical, lasting for over a quarter or semester, a student must apply for an adapted physical education program or activity modification request.  Retroactive doctor's notes will not be accepted.

    · Physical Education Make Up Policy: Legal absences, day medicals, field trips (both in and out of school), rehearsals, etc., require work to be made up.  Make up work can be done in other physical education classes when permissible.  CUTS, UNEXCUSED ABSENCES  AND UNPREPAREDNESS FOR CLASS CANNOT BE MADE UP. 

    •Grading: is based on individual assessments in each instructional unit, including both  skill and written knowledge.   Students will be required to complete a project to fulfill the information literacy  component in Physical Education. Students’ assessments are aligned with the New York State Learning Standards for personal health and fitness, a safe and healthy environment, and community resource management.


Last Modified on September 16, 2011