• Risk and Return

    Posted by Mrs. Zeh on 11/14/2011
    What does Risk and Return mean?
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  • Stock Market Game Questions and Comments

    Posted by Jeanne Zeh on 10/5/2011 4:54:56 PM
    Welcome to the Stock Market Game Questions and Comments Blog!
    Thank you Carter for suggesting the idea for this blog!
    The Stock Market Game is a 10 week game.  That's only 20 classes since we meet twice a week.  This blog will help us on days we don't have class. We can ask questions and write comments to help each other.
    Happy Investing!
    Mrs. Zeh
    P.S. If you are from a school besides Sousa you can post on the blog.  Please write what school you are from in the name field. Thanks!
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  • Lawn Boy by Gary Paulsen

    Posted by Jeanne Zeh on 9/22/2011 4:46:05 PM
    I created this new blog area because I was inspired by Chloé's comment on the Stock Market Blog. (Thanks Chloé!) 
    Why not have an area to talk about Lawn Boy?
    Well here it is...
    Write your comments about Lawn Boy here.  Feel free to respond to anyone's questions.  Remember I need to approve all the comments so they will not appear right away.
    Happy Reading and Blogging!
    Mrs. Zeh
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  • Company Names and Ideas

    Posted by Jeanne Zeh on 9/21/2011 12:29:12 PM
    Did you see a company name on the way down the street?  Did a cereal box make you think of one?  Whenever you see a company name or a possible idea for investigating a company record it in this blog.
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