The music program at Manorhaven School is designed to give each student from K-5 a wide variety of musical experiences. Differentiated instruction is given in everything from proper singing posture and vocal technique to pitch-matching, listening skills, movement, playing percussion, reading music, conducting, simple composition, improvisation, dramatization, movement to music, and performance skills/concert etiquette. All students are introduced to music of many different styles, periods, meters, and genres. There are several interdisciplinary projects with other special area teachers and/or classroom teachers throughout the school year, which often culminate in a performance.
    K-2: Emphasis on pitch-matching, beat competency, intro to percussion, rhythmic and creative movement, music vocabulary, simplified notation, and building of song repertoire; first experience with performance on stage
    3: Intro to formal music-reading through the use of soprano recorders and mallet percussion, intro to singing in rounds, simple ostinati, simple improvisation; first formal concert
    4: Emphasis on music-reading, intro to sight-reading in solfege, intro to partner songs and 2-part harmony, more complex mallet percussion and recorder playing, intro to composition
    5: Continued emphasis on music-reading, playing and singing independently, singing in 2 and 3 parts, formal composition