Welcome to Kindergarten
    Dr. Kim - Room 3
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                                                                                                                                                                                                      September 2021

    Dear  Parents, Caregivers and Dr. Kim’s Kindergarteners,


     Welcome to kindergarten at Manorhaven School and to room 3. 

        My name is Dr. Jennifer Kim and I will be your teacher for this year.  I have been teaching and learning from children for many years and I look forward to learning with you this year!

         We have a special bear in our class name Osito!  Some of you may know him from your older brothers and/or sisters who may have been with him in Kindergarten.  If you don’t know him, that’s OK.  You will meet him soon and he looks forward to meeting you! 

         Every summer Osito and I like to garden and eat from the vegetables and fruits grown from the garden.  Every year, Osito and I like to go to our Manorhaven School garden and watch the vegetables grow. We plucked and ate some vegetables from the Garden.  We made salad and cooked vegetable soup with them.  Can you guess from the photos above what I harvested?

        We also made sure to wash our hands before eating food and after returning from our outdoor visits.  This helps us to keep healthy and safe.  We will talk more about how to take good care of our bodies and be a good friend in kindergarten!

         Finally, Osito and I spent time with “Lucy” and “Desi.”  They are our two tabby cats who like to play, chew on sticks, clean their claws on a scratching post, sleep alot and, at times,  get into mischief - like getting stuck on a roof top.  We will tell you more about their adventures when we meet.

        We look forward to hearing about your stories and sharing ours when we meet!  

        See you soon!



                                                                   Dr. Jennifer Kim, Ms. Cuellar  and Osito 

     About Osito.....



    osito bugs osito's blueberry
    I love to eat seafood, crunchy bugs, vegetables and berries. 
    I love to have playdates with my classmates.
    I love to listen to stories,  read and look at books, and most of all - come to school!
    I love kindergarten!