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    Alternate Fuels and New Car Technologies

    How do Cars with Gasoline Engines Work?
    A gas engine converts energy into motion by igniting fuel (gas) to move pistons which turn a crankshaft that spins a flywheel, eventually causing the wheels to turn and move the car forward.
    Click here for an animated explanation.
    Why Should We Stop Using Gasoline?
    Gasoline-powered vehicles operate at about 30 percent efficiency, and about 70 percent of the energy is eaten by heat, sound, friction and pollutants that are destroying our atmosphere and partly responsible for causing climate change.
    An electric car operates at about 90 percent efficiency because of instant power through torque (forward movement produced by rotational motion). Therefore, electric cars are more efficient and have a MUCH faster starting speed.
    Electric cars have as much torque from a standstill as it does at high speed. Some of the fastest cars on the planet are now powered by electric motors, not internal-combustion (gasoline) engines that have been around for more than a century.
    "Experimental electric cars already have achieved sustained speeds of more than 180 miles per hour, and established world speed records above 300 mph."
    Why are we stuck with gasoline (for now)?
    The problem with batteries is that they have pollutants of their own, most notably acid, which is bad for the ground and our drinking water. They are also made with rare metals that are hard to find, require mining to extract them and are bad for humans if not properly disposed of. No battery comes close to matching the energy that can be packed into a gallon of gasoline, called the energy density of the material. For electric vehicles to take over, that clearly has to change, and new reports of "breakthroughs" come out on almost a daily rate.
    How about charging the car from solar (sun), or with remote charging with power embedded directly into the road as the car drives!

    Alternative Fuels

     From the U.S. Department of Energy, Alternate Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center

    *These fuels are defined as alternative fuels by the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and are currently, or have been, commercially available for vehicles.

    • Biodiesel - vegetable oil
    • Electricity - batteries
    • Ethanol - corn-based - how it works.
    • Hydrogen (H in H2O - water) - how it works.
    • Methanol (Think..."farts") -
    • Natural Gas - your stove - how it works.
    • Propane - your BBQ

    Other Fuels

    Several emerging fuels are currently under development. Many of these fuels are also considered alternative fuels and may have other benefits such as reduced emissions or increased energy security.

    • Biobutanol
    • Biogas
    • Biomass to Liquids (BTL)
    • Coal to Liquids (CTL)
    • Fischer-Tropsch Diesel
    • Gas to Liquids (GTL)
    • Hydrogenation-Derived Renewable Diesel (HDRD)
    • P-Series
    • Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel
     Fuel-Related Topics of Interest

    For more information on alternative and advanced fuels, go to the following pages:

    • Fuel Blends
    • Fuel Prices
    • Fuel Properties
    • Fueling Stations
    Mr. Shamp's Research Suggestions
    NHRA - National Hot Rod Association - DRAGSTER and Drag-strip Racing - Intro to Drag Strip Racing
    •  FUEL ECONOMY - Includes lists to alternate fueling stations in the country and more.
    Individual CAR Websites

    • Tesla - or see below
    • Tango - or see below
    • MDI Air Car - Compressed air offers consumers and protectors of the environment plenty to be excited about, and we’d like to see MDI succeed with this one.
    • VW L1 - 189.6 mpg mpg Concept Car
    • Porsche 918 Spyder - 94 mpg, 198 mph, 3.2 seconds to go 62.1371 mph, faster than the Porsche Carrera GT.
    Featured Links
    1. Jay Leno's Garage - Photos, videos, articles and more
    2. HybridCARS.com - Electric Cars: A Definitive Guide
    3. Edmunds Inside Line - Future production and concept vehicles
    4. MotorTrend - Future cars and concepts
    5. diseno-art.com - Green Vehicles
    6. conceptcarz.com - From Concept to Production
    7. Felix Baumgarten's RED BULL STRATOS Descent to Earth Breaks the Sound Barrier: 3-minute HD Mini Movie (VERY Exciting!)   OR   14-minute Real footage of actual descent

    NEW Technologies discovered from Student Technology Articles!

    The fastest electric motorcycle

    is the

    Lightning LS-218 which can go 218 mph!




    What is the World's Fastest Animal?
     Cheetah? Nope Falcon? Nope
    •  Okay Cheetahs do run the fastest.
    • Falcons do fly (dive) the fasted 129 mph.
    In terms of a high acceleration-driven speed, they are not!
    • Mantis Shrimp? Nope, they can strike (attack) in three milliseconds. Translation: You could fit 90 Mantis Shrimp strikes into the time it takes a human to blink.
    • Jellyfish? They harpoon their pray as fast as a bullet shot from a gun (700 nanoseconds), or 5 million times the force of gravity (5,410,000 g).
    • Trap-Jaw Ants? Nope, their mandables (jaws) can close at 143 mph!
    Termites - Winner! Their jaws are the most impressive at 150 mph!

     Driving the fastest Corvette ever, the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

    Frontline: Fast Times At West Philly High

    High-school students from West Philly (news article) competed in the $10 million prize Automotive X-Prize (PBS Frontline video, 36 minutes). Article from Popular Mechanics.
    Link to Schreiber's Technology Education Department.
    •  "After making it to the semifinals, they won the Green Grand Prix in Watkins Glen, N.Y., when their car went averaged 160 mpg, going over 100 miles!"
    • "85% of students are economically disadvantaged, from the inner city and live in one of Philadelphia's roughest neighborhoods."

    Video about the program, the high school and the community.

    Below is student-created promotional video.
    "We are currently working on the "Electric Very Light Car" (EVLC). It will be the lightest and most efficient electric car to ever hit the market. Five students will be traveling to California in April to represent the team and present their idea at the Spirit of Innovation Awards."
    Bubba Watson's "BW1" Hovercraft Golf Cart
    Designed and built by Neoteric Hovercraft.
    "I see a lot of stares, a lot of laughs," Watson says. "And then they actually see how efficient it is. I think it's really going to get more people involved. They're just going to want to drive the hovercraft and not play golf. But I mean, that's how I got started, driving a golf cart, and then golf got in the way."
     Footprint pressure of 33 times less than a human footprint!
    Hydropter - the world's fastest sailboat


    Underwater madness

    You still can't afford one, but it's finally becoming a reality.

    CBS News
    Click here for Video

    The Toyota FCHV-adv Highlander is a fuel cell prototype that runs on hydrogen.

    One of the technology's biggest hurdles is the lack of hydrogen fueling stations.

    The FC-VR is the concept version of the hydrogen fuel cell sedan Toyota plans to release in 2015.


    Making Cars Carnivores

    Turning Animal Fat Into Diesel Fuel!

     Symons Type
    The Tesla Model S is the future...today. 
    Luxury, no gas, fast and handles really well. Can it beat a $175,000 Aston Martin Rapide S?


    The best selling alternative cars
     Primary Vehicle

    2013 Chevrolet Volt

    MSRP1: $39145.0

    2013 Lexus CT 200h 5dr Sdn Hybrid

    • 2013 Lexus CT 200h 5dr Sdn Hybrid

      MSRP: $32,050.0

    • 2012 Nissan LEAF 4dr HB SL

      2012 Nissan LEAF 4dr HB SL

      MSRP: $37250.0

    • 2013 Toyota Prius Plug-In 5dr HB (Natl)

      2013 Toyota Prius Plug-In 5dr HB (Natl)

      MSRP: $32,000.0

    How to Turn Garbage into Energy
    Whoa, gross!
    How do spices can help cows FARTS (methane gas) smell better.
    Ken Block DC Shoes Gymkhana V racing through the streets of San Francisco!

    Detroit Electric - SP:01

    The fastest electric sports car - Made in USA

    Venom GT
    World's Fastest Production Car - Made in USA
    Mercedes Claims Best Aerodynamic
    The CLA180 BlueEfficiency model bound for Europe has the lowest drag co-efficient of any production model in the world at 0.22.
    Mercedes-Benz wind-tunnel experiments helped improve the aerodynamics of the CLA180 BlueEfficiency Edition. (Phot Mercedes-Benz)
    Gold Lamborghini: Yours for $7.5 million 


    Teenager Builds Electric Car

    $.02 a mile to operate!


    NY City Launches Nissan LEAF Electric Vehicle Taxi


    New York (Apr. 22, 2013) -- To celebrate Earth Day, Nissan and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg today launched a new electric vehicle taxi pilot with the world's best-selling electric car, Nissan LEAF. This pilot program, which puts six LEAF taxis into service beginning this spring, will help Nissan, the city, the taxi industry and the public understand how zero emission vehicles can be integrated into future taxi fleets.


    Pal-V One

    Zap Electric & Solar Truck - video with Tracy Metro from Green Gadgets/Discovery 
    1. Extreme MPG1
    2. Extreme MPG2
    3. Extreme MPG3

    The World's Fastest Convertible

    One Uninvited Guest

    Videos & Movies
    1. KiloWatt Ours - a plan to re-energize america http://www.kilowattours.org/
    2. Gasland - documentary movie - http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/
    3. Who Killed the Electric Car? - http://www.whokilledtheelectriccar.com Information about the award winning documentary on the demise of the electric car in the US. Includes movie trailers, reviews, details of electric vehicles.
    4. Revenge of the Electric Car!  - http://www.revengeoftheelectriccar.com/
    5. Power The Future - Four-part Discovery Channel show:
    Part 1 (43 minutes)
    Host M. Sanjayan, explores the beginnings of a shift in energy use that will change the world. Whether for national security, the economy, or the health of our planet, there are as many drivers for change as there are technologies vying for a top spot. The hope is for a silver bullet to solve the problem all at once; the reality is that mankind is looking at the next industrial revolution, requiring the greatest minds and all the creativity we can harness. The episode looks at cutting edge technologies that could allow us to break our dependence on fossil fuels.
     Part 2 - The Energy Planet (43 minutes)
    Starting from an offshore oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, Sanjayan looks at how the abundance of the planet's energy fuels every aspect of life on Earth. From wind, water, the sun, volcanoes and hurricanes, to the smallest cells to the tallest trees, Earth has the natural energy to power the planet but mankind is not using it. What can humans learn from the creation of the natural world that will help create energy?
     Part 3 - Striking a Balance (43 minutes)
    We are bombarded daily with conflicting messages about energy from sources with vastly different agendas and motives. This episode filters out politics and special interests by looking at numbers: How many people will be on the planet by 2050 and how much energy will we need? What happens if we grow and consume at our current rate? It's common knowledge that we use enormous amounts of energy, but until it's quantified, it's impossible to grasp the true extent of how much is wasted.
     Part 4 - Leading the Change
    Unlikely characters and companies are leading the charge in an energy sea change. The U.S. Navy, China, and even the Empire State Building (or your next-door neighbor)" when it comes to energy, these unlikely forces are slashing their carbon footprints and propelling the new economy. But it's happening around the world faster than in the United States. From highly efficient wind turbines to cutting-edge solar cells, the U.S. has an unprecedented track record for discovering the technologies to break our fossil fuel addiction, but rather than developing and employing them here at home, it has also developed a knack for giving them away. 


    GM’s Windows of Opportunity project...
    ...turns car windows into interactive displays

    Most Expensive cars in the World
    Click here for list of all 2012 cars.
    Lamborghini Venono for $3.9 million
    Only 3 were made, one is on Long Island!
    Lykan Hypersport for $3.4 million
    Lykan Hypersport
    Ultra-exclusive ride from Dubai-based startup W Motors. 
    0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds
    Click for news.
    Shell Eco-Marathon

    With Gas Prices Nearing $4 a Gallon, How Does 2,188 MPG Sound?


    Three Cars That Were Ahead of Their Time

    1. 1980 AMC Eagle
    2. 1972 Volvo Experimental Safety Car (ESC)
    3.  1889 Lohner-Porsche Hybrid
    1980 AMC Eagle 
    Before there were SUVs, this was the first crossover.
    1980 AMC Eagle 
    1972 Volvo Experimental Safety Car (ESC)
    1972 Volvo Experimental Safety Car 
    Click photo (link) below to see a larger image.
    1889 Lohner-Porsche Hybrid
    1898 Lohner-Porsche Mixte-Hybrid 

    Why Your Car Isn’t Electric

    NY Times, October 2, 2012

    There are plenty of reasons Americans should have adopted electric cars long ago. Early electric vehicles were easier to learn to drive than gas cars, and they were cleaner, did not smell and were quiet. Their battery range and speed were limited, but a vast majority of the trips we take in our cars are short. In 1900, the "Electric Vehicle Company" was the largest carmaker in the United States!
    Thomas Edison standing beside an electric car, circa 1914.
     Ford Electric
    2013 Tesla Model S
    100% Electric Car
    Made in the USA
    The Quickest Sedan Built in America

    Tesla Model S Commercial

    Drag Race
    Tesla "Model S" vs. BMW M5


    US may soon become world's top oil producer!!!
    What? The USA produces oil?
    Yes, and almost MORE than any other country!
    Article has details, Oct. 23, 2012
    top oil  

    Hydrogen Fuels Autorickshaws and Dreams of Cleaner Air

    Click LINK to read more, from October 1, 2012
    Hydrogen Auto Rickshaw
    Hydrogen-powered autorickshaws, like the three-wheelers at the Pragati Maidan exposition center near New Delhi, could help cut pollution and fossil fuel use in the developing world.

    Peugeot Citroen to introduce compressed air hybrid by 2016

    Click VIDEO to see more, from Jan 24, 2013.
    The blue tank is  the air compressor tank, filled with AIR! 
    Peugot Tank

    Audi R8 e-tron (electric)
    Is the fastest electric car at the Nurburgring track in Germany.

    World's Fastest Car is now the
    Koenigsegg Agera R,
    which costs $2.5 Million dollars!
    • Click here for a VIDEO of the Koenigsegg Agera R vs. a Ferrari
    • Click here for an ARTICLE and details from The Wall Street Journal.
     World's Greatest Drag Race
    Speed contest - Lambo vs. McClaren vs. Bugatti!!!
    from MotorTrend







    Breaking News!!! Great News! Huge News!!!


    Aptera Motors




    Narrow track vehicles - the convergence of the car and the motorcycle

    23 mins.
     YikeBike from New Zealand
    World's Smallest Folding Electric bike, 15 mph, $1,995.00 ($3,995 for Carbon Fiber)
    YikeBikeFrontAngle YikeBikeRider YikeBikeFolded



     Operating the Uno is so simple that it requires no controls at all. There is only an on-off switch. Once it's on, the driver accelerates by leaning forward, stops by leaning back, and steers by leaning to the side. By sitting upright, the driver can balance in one spot.
    May 14, 2008



    18 year old Canadian teenager Ben Gulak No. 1 in Popular Science magazine for having come up with one of the year's top 10 inventions.

    Ben getting investors:
    Ben Gulak rides 'Uno'
    Ben Gulak, an incoming member of the MIT Class of 2012, rides the 'Uno'--a scooter-like vehicle he invented that was named the top invention of the year by Popular Science.
    Photo courtesy / Glenn Roberts, Motorcycle Mojo Magazine
    The design he came up with has two wheels mounted side by side, very close together, and powered by electric motors. A computerized control system keeps the vehicle balanced, in a system similar to the Segway personal transporter. But unlike that vehicle, which is ridden in a standing position and is not considered a street vehicle, Gulak's "Uno" is ridden like a motorcycle and designed for ordinary roads.

    Toyota Winglet




    Honda U3-X

     Visit the Website



    Shorter video:


    Solar Taxi

    • Swiss teacher Louis Palmer made the 32,000 mile trip in 17-months.
    • The Solar Taxi has three wheels and tows a trailer packed with batteries charged by the sun. It can travel for 300km on a single charge and reach speeds of 5mph.




    Dave Nichols uses 1800's technology to run car on trash!

    • Modified 1989 Ford F150 pickup truck to runs on wood, leaves, cardboard and other "biomass" with a fuel system that he says expels virtually no pollution.
    •  Gasification works by heating organic materials to high temperatures without flames.
    • The resulting chemical reactions produce a hydrogen-hydrocarbon gas mixture in vapor form that is almost as potent as gasoline.
    • He's driven 10,000 miles WITHOUT gas, including a trip about three months ago when he loaded up the back with about 400 pounds of wood and drove about 600 miles across Connecticut, then to New Hampshire and Boston before returning home.
    • A pound of wood or other material will fuel his truck for 1 to 2 miles, meaning that the truck costs about 8 cents a mile to fuel, compared with roughly 19 cents per mile if it used gasoline at today's prices.
    • Once he figured it out, he said "It's a complicated version of easy" to operate.



    Eco-boat powered by chicken & human fat…


    Sailing on Sunshine

     A solar-powered catamaran fully circumnavigated the world in May 2012. The MS Turanor PlanetSolar produces five times the power needed to propel itself around the world. The excess is stored using batteries for nighttime and cloudy days.




    Tron LightCycle

    TaxToilet Motorcycle Runs on HUMAN POO Power!


    Original from movie was computer generated.

    This version was created after the movie by Parker Brother Choppers in Florida. They made 5, each one costing $55,000.


  • Toilet Bike Neo
    Behold, the power of poo.
    (Credit: Toto)
  • Move your butt over, Prius. Japanese toilet manufacturer Toto has a new take on a green driving machine. The Toilet Bike Neo combines a three-wheel motorcycle with a latrine. The kooky contraption runs on biogas.
  • Biogas is just a fancy way of saying poo power. In case you were wondering where the source of the stool is supposed to come from, the bike's built-in toilet should answer your question. It doesn't leave much to the imagination. Could we get a privacy screen, please?
  • According to coverage by Spoon & Tamago, the rolling toilet can play music, write messages in the air using residual light imagery, and talk. There's no word on what exactly the toilet says, but I imagine it has an extensive repertoire of potty humor.
    The bike appears to have a giant roll of toilet paper mounted at the rear end. There's even a miniature toilet installed above the headlight like a hood ornament. Classy!
    The driver does have to take some precautionary measures such as wearing a helmet and not reading while steering and fueling the vehicle. Eyes on the road, mister. We really don't want to see this particular motorcycle get into a wreck.
    The Toilet Bike Neo will take off on its maiden voyage on October 6 from Toto's headquarters. It will tour around to educate people on the company's green (and brown) initiatives.
    Toilet Bike Neo
    What a sleek machine.
    (Credit: Toto)


    Hot Wheels Movie

    World's Best Driver

    The most fearless and skillful drivers in the world are back!
    Hand-picked for their incredible automotive abilities, Team Hot Wheels drivers are recruited to test the most advanced vehicles and attempt the most challenging stunts at a secret location known as the Hot Wheels Test Facility. This year, eight drivers have been selected to race against each other to find out who is the world's best. The drivers, only known by their color: Red, Yellow, Green & Blue, will race across seven of the most extreme zones at the HWTF. Only one driver can claim the most coveted title -- The World's Best Driver.