• Math Olympiads during Lunch Time Enrichment 


    As part of Lunch Time Enrichment, all interested students will have the opportunity to participate in the Math Olympiads Competitions. Math Olympiads take place in room 202.
    • Math Olympiads are a set of five contests offered once a month from November through March. 
    • Each thirty-minute contest consists of five challenging math problems. 
    • The children compete against themselves, as well as against students from all over the nation and the world.
    • Sixth graders participate in Division E.
    • Seventh and Eighth graders participate in Division M.
    • Olympiads take place during lunch and recess time.
    • Bring your lunch and a pencil to room 202 at the start of the period you are assigned lunch and recess.

    Students can go onto the website to view sample contest questions at www.moems.org.   
    The contest dates are as follows at the middle school (subject to change based on field trips and other programs):

    Sixth Grade - TUESDAYS

    Nov 12 , Dec 10, Jan 14 , Feb 11 , Mar 10

    Seventh & Eighth Grades- WEDNESDAYS

    Nov 13, Dec 11 , Jan 15 , Feb 12 , Mar 11


    All contests are administered during lunch/recess periods and are optional. We advise students to commit to attending all five contests, otherwise their final score will be 20 % lower for each contest they miss.