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  • Screencastify's New Recording Toolbar

    Posted by Jackie Gilmartin on 4/13/2021

    Screencastify's New Recording Toolbar

    The toolbar is brand new and now includes stickers, shapes, and tools to help your teachers capture and focus their students’ attention. And, teachers can minimize and move the toolbar anywhere they’d like.


    Also new to the Screencastify Editor is the New Blur Tool and Title Clips! 

    New Blur Tool - Teachers can now blur anything on screen with just one click. This new tool can help your educators obscure private information, focus student attention, block out visual "noise", and so much more. Click here to learn more. 

    New Title Clips - Title clips are available now. Have your teachers try using a title clip to give each video a name, break up their awesome content with descriptive clips, or allow students to see information in multiple modalities. Click here to learn more.


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  • Google Classroom's New Formatting Tools

    Posted by Jackie Gilmartin on 4/6/2021

    Google Classroom's New Formatting Tools


    This long awaited Google Classroom update allows teachers to customize their Classroom assignments and posts using rich text formatting. Teachers will be able to bold, italicize, underline, and add bullets to assignments and posts. 


    rich text

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  • Google Chrome's Tab-Grouping Feature

    Posted by Safak Ozsut on 3/23/2021

    Google Chrome's Tab-Grouping Feature

    Tab grouping allows users to group related tabs to help organize the immense number of websites we all use each day. This feature will enable you to group tabs by period/subject or any way you like.


    **Note that if/when you close the browser, the grouping are NOT saved. Having numerous tabs open also slows down the functionality of your computer.

    Create Tab Groups in Google Chrome

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  • Edpuzzle Student Projects

    Posted by Safak Ozsut on 3/16/2021

    Edpuzzle Student Projects

    Edpuzzle is a video lesson creation tool that allows you to add questions, notes, and audio to videos found online or those you upload. 

    Now they've added Student Projects! If you assign a student project, then students can create their own video lessons, allowing you to engage with them using project-based learning.


    To assign a student project, follow these steps:

    • Click on the blue "Add Content" button.
    • Click “Student project."
    • Next, fill in the details for your students (subject, goal, and instructions).
    • Click “Save project”.
    • Now, the project will automatically appear under the “My Content” tab, below all of your videos. 
    • Scroll down to "Projects" and select the checkbox next to the assignment you just created.
    • Click "Assign" on the bottom menu
    • Select the class you'd like to assign it to and a due date if you please. 
    • Turn on "Post on Google Classroom"
    • Click "Assign"

    You will now see the assignment in Google Classroom and can edit if need be.


    *Note: Students and teachers should all login using their Portnet Google Accounts.

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  • Google Meet Security

    Posted by Safak Ozsut on 3/9/2021

    Google Meet Security


    When connecting with students through Google Meet, there are a few important tips to remember to keep you and your students safe during the online meeting. 


    ALL students MUST be signed in with their Portnet Google Account when joining a Google Meet.


    • Students should be using their district owned device to join a Meet.


    • If a personal device must be used, students MUST still login to their Portnet Google Account to join the meeting. 


    The only time a student would have to ask to join a Meet while logged into their Portnet Google Account is when a teacher has reset the Google Classroom Meet link and has Turned Off Quick Access.  Every student will have to ask to join the meet the first time after the link reset.

    Teachers must be diligent when admitting participants.

    Students that are logged in with their Portnet Google Account will show up as follows.  

    Students that are logged in with their Portnet Google Account will show up as follows.


    If someone asks to join from outside our school district, teachers should DENY ENTRY. 

    If someone asks to join from outside our school district, teachers should DENY ENTRY.

    If a teacher is using a Classroom Meet link and HAS NOT RESET the Meet Link or has Quick Access turned on yet receives a message that states a participant from outside the Port Washington School District would like to be admitted, the student should be denied entry.  Even if the participant’s name is of a student or staff member,  the teacher should DENY ENTRY.  Anyone can create a Google Account and use any name on that account. 

    Deny entry

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  • New Nearpod Features

    Posted by Jackie Gilmartin on 3/2/2021

    New Nearpod Features

    Nearpod launched this past month the Whiteboard and Annotation Tools available in the Live Presentation mode. Students will see both in real time during the live presentation.  

    Watch how to use the tools.

    Whiteboard and Annotation Tools

    New Nearpod Features

    Whiteboard Tools

    How to use the Whiteboard Tools


     Annotation Tools


     How to use the Annotation Tools

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  • Google Meet Host Controls

    Posted by Safak Ozsut on 2/23/2021

    Google Meet Host Controls

    Google has added Host Controls to Google Meet where you can control various aspects of your meetings. To access Host Controls click on the 3 dots in the bottom right corner of your Meet, click Settings, and choose Host Controls. 

    There are 3 settings in Host Controls; Quick Access, Share their screen, and Send chat messages, all of which are automatically turned on.

    Turning off Quick Access enables the following:

    • Host must join first
    • Only people invited by the host can join without asking
    • Everyone else must ask to join, including those who dial in
    • People cannot join anonymously
    • Only hosts can dial out of a meeting

    Turning off the Share their screen option will only allow the host to share their screen.

    Host Controls

    Turning off the Send chat messages option will turn off the chat for participants, only the host will be able to send chat messages. 

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