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  • A More Inclusive Chrome OS

    Posted by Safak Ozsut on 6/15/2021 6:00:00 AM

    A More Inclusive Chrome OS

    Google continues to build new tools for accessibility in Google for Education solutions. Here are a selection of the latest features, all available on your Chromebook today:


    Live captioning: Chrome Browser now has a Live Caption feature that automatically provides real-time captions for media with audio. The live captioning works with video sites, podcasts and radio content, personal video libraries (such as Google Photos) and embedded video players. For students with hearing disabilities, the captions help improve accessibility of online content. In a noisy classroom environment, or one where students need to keep volume low on their school devices, the captions are helpful for any students. To turn on Live Caption, go to Chromebook settings, then “Accessibility.”


    Mouse panning: Chrome OS now offers centered mouse panning. This means that when students and teachers with vision disabilities are using the full-screen magnifier, they can now move the viewport while keeping the mouse or trackpad close to, or directly on, the center of the screen. This makes it much easier to navigate around the screen, as users don’t need to move the mouse to the edge of the screen to move the zoomed-in area – much better for accessing all learning content.

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  • Google Doc Edit History Update!

    Posted by Safak Ozsut on 6/8/2021 6:00:00 AM

    Google Doc Edit History Update!

    Now you can highlight a range of content and see  which contributor edited that portion of the documentGet more information on the edit history of a particular range of content with the ne "Show Editors" feature in Docs!

    Show editors


    Step 1: Open a Google Doc that has multiple collaborators.


    Step 2: Highlight a range of content and then right click and choose "Show editors."


    Step 3: From here you can view a list of editors and their latest edit along with time stamps!


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  • NEW Text Tool in Screencastify Edit is More Flexible

    Posted by Safak Ozsut on 6/1/2021 6:00:00 AM

    NEW Text Tool in Screencastify Edit is More Flexible


    Screencastify Edit has been updated with an improved text tool to help you maximize the educational value of your videos with added flexibility and functionality.

    With the text tool, you can now freely move your text boxes and adjust text attributes with the new sidebar!


    To give complete freedom of text placement, the text box is now “draggable”, meaning it can be strategically positioned anywhere on the screen. Other new abilities include:

    • Resize text boxes to be larger or smaller
    • Adjust alignment of your text
    • The ability to add multiple text boxes
    • Overlay text
    • Add italics, bold and underline to your text
    • Change background color for your text box 🌈

    Text Tool


    Watch a tutorial video HERE!

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  • Automatically Save Your Response Progress in Google Forms

    Posted by Jackie Gilmartin on 5/25/2021

    Automatically Save Response Progress in Google Forms


    Port Washington UFSD has turned on draft responses for Google Forms in beta for students and teachers to begin using. This feature is currently in BETA. When a feature is in Beta, there is a potential risk for technical issues to occur, however, it is felt that the need for this feature outweighs the possible risks involved. If there are any changes to the feature, the Technology department will make you aware. 


    When responding to a Google Form, Quiz or Quiz assignment in Classroom while signed into a Portnet Google Workspace account, the progress will automatically be saved as a draft for 30 days from your last edit or until the form is completed.  


    The first time you launch a Google Form, you’ll see the Autosave your work message. Click Okay, then the response will begin saving. 

    Auto Save

    This means you won't have to start over if you can't complete a form or quiz in one sitting, if you want to switch between multiple devices, or if your internet connection cuts out before your answers have been submitted. 


    Note that during the beta, Forms will only automatically save progress for 30 days as a draft for users in our Portnet domain when signed in to their Portnet Google account. 

    Autosave Google Forms

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  • Safely Share Youtube Videos

    Posted by Jackie Gilmartin on 5/18/2021 8:00:00 AM

    How to Safely Show and Share YouTube Videos in the Classroom

    Many teachers have asked if there is a way to view/share YouTube videos without ads, related videos or comments.
    Here are a few options you can try:

    • Create a Safe YouTube link: remove ads, comments and related vidoes
      • Click on the URL for the video you would like to use. 

        YouTube Link
      • In between “watch” and the “?” type _popup. Then press enter.
        YouTube 2
      • You will now have a URL that contains the word “embed”.

        Youtube embed
      • Copy the link and paste it in your document, post to Seesaw or Classroom.
      • When your students click the new link, the video will open full screen and be free of any advertisements,video preview sidebars or comments.

    • View Purehttp://www.viewpure.com/
      • Paste the YouTube URL and click Purify. It will generate a link to view the video free of ads, comments and related videos. 
      • Copy the link and paste it in your document, post to Seesaw or Classroom.
      • When your students click the new link, the video will open full screen and be free of any advertisements,video preview sidebars or comments.
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  • Google Chrome's Reading List Feature

    Posted by Safak Ozsut on 5/11/2021

    Reading List Feature in Google Chrome

    You can now save websites in a whole new way! No longer do you need to bookmark all the websites you might use. Instead use Google Chrome's new Reading List feature.

    1. When on the site you'd like to save, click on the Bookmark Star
    2. Select “add to reading list”
    3. Once an item has been added to the reading list, click “Reading list” to view the list.
    4. Selecting an item will take you to the link. 
    5. Hover your mouse over an item and you will have 2 options, checkmark and “X”.
    6. Clicking the checkmark next to the item will mark the item as read
    7. Clicking the “X” will remove the item from the Reading list. 
    8. Items are sorted as “unread” and “Pages You’ve Read” on the Reading list.


    Reading List Feature How To

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  • Using the Save to Google Drive Extension

    Posted by Safak Ozsut on 5/4/2021 8:25:00 AM

    Using the Save to Google Drive Extension


    In December 2020, Google removed the Print to Google Drive option. The Save to Google Drive extension can be used as a replacement for this feature.
    The Save to Google Drive extension allows you to save images as well as online PDF files to Drive


    • You must be logged into the Chrome browser with your Portnet Google Account. Click here to learn how to login to the Chrome browser on a desktop/laptop computer. 
    • Chromebook users are automatically logged into the Chrome browser when logged into the Chromebook. 

    The first time you use the extension, you will need to connect your Portnet Google Drive account. Follow the onscreen instructions to accept.


    Save to Drive from Print

    On any document that has the print icon you can choose to save the document to your Google Drive.


    • After selecting the print icon choose from the destination drop down menu “See more”


    • Select “Save to Google Drive”


    • Click “Print”
    • The PDF will automatically be saved to your Google Drive


    Printing a webpage 

    When using  Ctrl + P to print any webpage you also have the option to save the webpage to your Google Drive. It will save as a PDF and only the screen in the preview will be saved. 


    • Ctrl + P
    • Choose from the destination drop down “See more…”


    • Select “Save to Google Drive”


    • Click “Print”
    • The PDF will automatically be saved to your Google Drive


    Saving online PDF files using the Save to Drive Extension


    Click the Save to Google Drive extension in the extension bar. 

    • To rename the file, click the Rename button. 
    • To save to a specific folder in Drive, click (change) and select the location.


    • When done, click Close. Your file will be saved in your Drive.


    Saving Images

    • For images found in Google Images, click the image to open it on the original site before saving.

    For all images on the web, right click and select Save Image to Google Drive. 


    The Save to Google Drive dialog box will open. To rename the file, click Rename. Rename and click Apply. 



    The file will default to save to My Drive. If you would like to save it to a specific folder, click (change). 


    On the options window, select Change destination folder...


    Select a folder and click Select at the bottom of the page. The folder must already exist. You cannot create one on this screen.

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  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Posted by Safak Ozsut on 4/27/2021

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Many of these keyboard shortcuts can be used on Chromebooks as well as Windows desktop computers using the Chrome Browser. 

    Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts


    Screenshot on Chromebook

    Screenshot on Chrome Browser


    Screenshot a section on Chromebook

    Screenshot a section on Chrome Browser


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  • Jamboard Version History

    Posted by Jackie Gilmartin on 4/20/2021

    Jamboard Now Has Version History

    Version history makes it easy to see changes to a Jam. This is particularly useful for teachers allowing them to view and track student changes to Jam files. 

    To find the version history in a jam,  use the 3 dots menu in the upper right and select See Version History.  Use the arrows to expand the time line on the right. 



    With version history, editors can compare and name earlier versions, restore an earlier version and copy an earlier version. Note that version history in Jamboard does not show exactly what was edited by whom. 

    To learn more about finding out what's changed on a jam, click here


    Restore Jamboard



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  • Screencastify's New Recording Toolbar

    Posted by Jackie Gilmartin on 4/13/2021

    Screencastify's New Recording Toolbar

    The toolbar is brand new and now includes stickers, shapes, and tools to help your teachers capture and focus their students’ attention. And, teachers can minimize and move the toolbar anywhere they’d like.


    Also new to the Screencastify Editor is the New Blur Tool and Title Clips! 

    New Blur Tool - Teachers can now blur anything on screen with just one click. This new tool can help your educators obscure private information, focus student attention, block out visual "noise", and so much more. Click here to learn more. 

    New Title Clips - Title clips are available now. Have your teachers try using a title clip to give each video a name, break up their awesome content with descriptive clips, or allow students to see information in multiple modalities. Click here to learn more.


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