This course is a survey of art techniques, skills, materials and styles. Upon successful completion, students will receive 1 high school art credit. Students who complete this course will have their final grade recorded on their high school transcript and averaged into their high school GPA. Students wishing to pursue an art sequence in high school should plan to enroll in Drawing and Painting next year.

    Descriptions of slide shows below:
    2019 Nightmare on Main Street
    Students created artwork to submit for the Nightmare on Main Street juried exhibition through the Huntington Arts Council. Students planned, gave and received feedback to create an image of their choice using any media that they were interested in.

    Peace and Nonviolence
    Students created artwork to submit for the Peace and Nonviolence calendar design contest through the Shanti Fund. Students planned, gave and received feedback to create an image of their choice using any media that they were interested in.

    Yearbook Covers
    Students created artwork to submit for the 2019-20 yearbook cover. They needed to include Carrie Palmer Weber Middle School 2019-20 and create imagery based on our school and graduation. They exercised choice in process, materials and the final product.

    Principles of Design Collages
    Students researched how the Elements of Design (Line, Shape, Form, Space, Color and Texture) are the individual pieces that make up a composition, while the Principles of Design (Balance, Emphasis, Movement, Pattern, Repetition, Proportion, Rhythm, Variety, Unity and Contrast) are ways to organize them to form an overall composition. Students then planned in their sketchbook, and cut black and white paper to assemble three collages illustrating the Principles of Design.

    Youth Art Month Flag Designs
    Students developed flag designs that incorporated the concepts of New York, Art, and Journey to align with the theme "Taking a Journey through Art". Students needed to incorporate the Youth Art Month logo in their design. They exercised choice through composition and media. CONGRATULATIONS to our 2020 winners, Sarah Lucas for overall New York state and Eliza Harnden for the Middle School category!

    Sketchbook Assignment: Recipes
    Students keep a sketchbook where they complete weekly assignments. This assignment was to record a recipe using illustrations and hand-lettering.

    Journey Candle Holders
    Students used the theme of journey as an inspiration to create candle holders out of clay. They visualized their three-dimensional objects on paper first by providing several sketches showing various viewpoints. Then they sculpted their designs out of clay and they were fired into bisque using a kiln. Next they applied three coats of glazes in various colors and the pieces were fired a second time to create finished pieces of artwork. How do you think each of these pieces communicate the concept of journey?

    Sketchbook Assignment: Names
    Students created their names through experiementing with fonts, colors and patterns.

    Doodle for Google - 2020
    Students created doodles for Google based on the theme "I show kindness by..."