• Parents/Guardians – Please note that students must be up to date with the required immunizations for school attendance which includes remote learning.  Students will be excluded from school (in person or remote learning) if not compliant. Please see below:


    Per the NYSDOH School Assessment and Compliance Unit:
    At this time, the NYSDOH is not issuing exceptions for immunizations because of COVID-19. The Department's stance continues to be that students missing vaccine doses for any reason must comply with Public Health Law Section 2164 requirements. Children entering or attending school in New York State, including summer school and distance learning, must comply with said requirements.



    Important vaccination deadlines

    • Within 14 days of the first day of school or day care – children must receive the first age-appropriate dose in each immunization series to attend or remain in school or day care.
    • Within 30 days after the first day of school or day care – parents or guardians must show that they have appointments for the next required follow-up doses for their child. Deadlines for follow-up doses depend on the vaccine.


    Beginning 1/31/21 physical examinations for school are to be documented on the
    NYS Required Health Examination or an electronic health record equivalent form.This form is available on our website.

    ONLY the approved form or an electronic health record equivalent form will be accepted by schools for health examinations conducted on or after 1/31/2021.

    Physical Examination Form

    As per New York State Education Law effective 7/1/18:
    A health examination (physical) is required for all students entering the school district for the first time and when entering Pre-K, Kindergarten1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th grade. The health examination (physical) must be handed into the Medical Office before the first day of school in September. 
    • The exam must be dated within 1 year of the start of school.
    • These examinations must be completed by a New York State licensed physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner.
    • At the time of your visit, please have your doctor complete the NYS Required Health Examination form, sign and date it. They should attach a computer print-out of your child's immunization record that is stamped and signed by the physician. 
    • New York State Law requires that your child's BMI (Body Mass Index) and BMI % Percentile be included in their physical. Please make sure that your child's doctor documents this information on the yellow form or includes this in the print-out.
    • New York State also requests a dental exam (dated within 1 year of the start of school) for all students in grades Pre-KK, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 and new to district. A Dental Health Report (white form) must be signed and dated by your child's dentist and submitted to the Medical Office before the first day of school. 


    Immunization Requirements:


    Diptheria and Tetanus (DtaP/DTP) - 3 doses

    Tdap - 1 dose

    Polio (IPV/OPV) - 4 doses 

    Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) - 2 doses

    Hepatitis B - 3 doses

    Varicella - 2 doses (1 dose if first dose was received at age 16 or older)

    Meningococcal conjugate (MenACWY, Menactra, Menveo) - 2 doses (first dose in 7th grade) and a second dose in the 12th grade (second dose must be after the age of 16).


Last Modified on August 16, 2021