• ART 8

    Art 8 offers students the opportunity to continue building their art skills with an emphasis on realism and depicting three-dimensional space using a variety of materials. In Art 8, students are offered opportunities to assert their independence and make choices with regard to content and materials. Reflective abilities are refined through group discussions and individual journal writing.

    Descriptions of slide shows below:
    Sketchbook Covers
    Students drew their initials so they touched the edges of the paper. They then turned them into bubble letters and filled the space between them with Zentangle designs. Students used watercolor to paint the areas between the letters. This project focused on identity through composition, rhythm and repetition.

    Color Wheels
    Students learned about color theory while designing a pattern using radial symmetry. Materials included tempera paint and black Sharpie markers.

    Graffiti Names
    Students discussed whether they considered graffiti to be art or vandalism. Then, they practiced bubble letters and hand lettering to create their name. They used marker and colored pencil to add color.

    Emoji Books
    Students learned about sequential story telling by making six-page books from one sheet of paper. They picked emojis, and planned a journey with an establishing shot (showing the setting) on the first page, and an extreme closeup somewhere else in their stories. They sketched thumbnails first, and learned how to pencil, ink and color professionally for their final versions.