• On Friday, January 12 every student and adult at Sousa came to the gym to unveil the first Sousa School Charter.  Created by the Sousa RULER Committee, it summarizes how we all want to treat others and be treated every day at school.  In September, every classroom teacher has students collaborate to agree on a Classroom Charter that sets the stage for how students want to feel in class every day; this new School charter covers all the special areas, common areas (such as the lunch room and playground), and even the buses!  

    The presentation was given by Dr. Meoli, Dr. Licato, special area teachers Mr. Robilotto and Mr. Moore, paras Mrs. Candido and Mrs. Zaveri, and guidance counselor Mrs. Biblowitz who brought an umbrella to remind the students that the new School Charter "covers" all areas but the individual classrooms!


    These charters are part of our RULER initiative, a social/emotional program which highlights the recognition, understanding, labeling, expressing, and regulating of emotions which helps lead to both improved student behavior and academic achievement.  It has been made possible through generous donations by our own Sousa HSA and the Ed Foundation.