• November- Feelings
    This month Pre-K students learned more about four of their many feelings. We read a story about feeling happy, sad, angry, and scared. They learned that their feelings have faces and sounds. Of course, they thought this was silly until I explained how someone's face can show how he/she is feeling and how might make a sound like laughing when we are happy. We then played a game where I showed them pictures of children and asked how they were feeling. They did a great job guessing! They then got to draw faces of the four feelings to bring home and show their families.
     happy face sad face
    How you can help your child at home: 
    • Talk to your child about what they learned in the lesson.
    • Help your child identify how he/she is feeling. For example, when they are crying, you can say, "You seem sad."
    • Ask your child how they think others are feeling. You can do this to review a choice your child made that affected someone else or you can play a game with pictures like we did in class.