• October - How to be a good friend
    In October we celebrate Unity Day.  This is a day where we focus on being good friends to all people and standing up against bullying. In Pre-K we focus on what it means to be a good friend and ways we can be kind to others. I told the students the story of Have You Filled A Bucket Today? We talked about how everyone has an invisible bucket. When we are kind, we put a raindrop in their bucket; however, when we are not kind, we take a raindrop from their bucket. When someone's bucket is full, they feel happy, but when someone's bucket is empty, they feel sad. Students were then each given a toy raindrop and asked how they could be kind and fill someone's bucket. They gave wonderful answers including sharing with friends and giving their parents hugs.   
    Have you filled a bucket today? book cover                              raindrop
    How you can help your child at home: 
    • Talk to your child about what they learned in the lesson.
    • Ask your child how they were kind and filled someone's bucket.
    • Tell your child when you see him/her doing something kind and how that fills someone's bucket and makes them feel good.
    • When your child makes a choice that hurts someone's feelings, remind them how that takes a raindrop from someone's bucket, and ask them what they could do instead to fill that person's bucket.