TEACHERS-To borrow any of our 6 STEAM mobile makerspace carts:
    1. Signup through the Internet Shortcuts folder on your desktop. 
    2. Select the cart you want.
    3. Add your name to the date/time you would like to use it in your classroom. You can sign out any cart for a morning or afternoon. If you need it longer you can borrow it for up to 1 week.
    4. If you are interested in doing a project with the 3D Printers-See Suzanne Mody


    Grades 3-5 ART CART

    3-5 ART CART

    Grades K-2 ART CART

    k-2 Art  

    Grades 3-5 LEGO CART

    Grades K-2 LEGO CART

      K-2 Lego

    Grades 3-5 SNAP CIRCUITS

    Snap Circuits  

    Grades K-2 KEVA PLANKS

    Keva Planks