Welcome Back Sousa 2020-2021!!



    Students, make sure to join Ms. Berberabe's Google music classrooms for lthe schedule, lessons and announcements!

    SOUSA MINI-RECITAL WEEK (Winter and Summer)
    The Sousa Mini-Recital is a performance practice day for only the students in general music.  All students will practice proper etiquette as a performer and how to be an awesome audience member. We will work on stage presence, timing, vocal projection, and how to deal with performance anxiety. 
    All students will be allowed to sing or perform on an instrument that they are studying (as a solo or as small ensemble with other students in their class).  The Mini-Recital also is great for a student preparing for upcoming music recitals, auditions and NYSSMA festivals.  Students will be allowed to perform either their entire piece or just a short excerpt of their piece.