•  Dance like a leprechaun to celebrateyour education! 
    "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free!"
    --Frederick Douglass 
    All of Mrs. McAuliffe's ELA Workshop students will have access to class lessons in our Google Classroom. All printed classwork and Action magazines will be kept in their primary binder in an "ELA Workshop" section. He or she will be able to participate in class whether we are in-person or in a Meet because each student has this section in their binder.
                                             Welcome to ELA Workshop!
          You are never an island or a little boat alone in the vast ocean....I am always here to help you.  All you need is your great attitude, motivation, effort, and an understanding that everyone always needs help.  It helps to check Google Classroom and leave me a comment, too.  I'm really not a mind reader, I just pretend to be :D
     Stop monkeying around!
    Say What?

    monkey'in around

    You say: "I hate to read!"

    I say: "You don't hate to read...you hate to be told what to read! When you find an author or genre that you like...that you chose by yourself...you will find that
    reading is something to LOVE!"  Perhaps these words of wisdom from Willy Wonka will help you understand why reading is important:

                       Oompa Loompa doompadee doo, I've got another puzzle for you

    music notes Oompa Loompa doompadah dee, If you are wise you'll listen to me! What do you get from a glut of TV? A pain in the neck and an IQ of threeWhy don't you try simply reading a book? Or could you just not bear to look?  You'll get no, you'll get no,

          you'll get no you'll get no...You'll get no commercials!
    REMOTE LEARNING                   
    Back to school this year is ideal for NO ONE.
    Not for teachers.
    Not for parents.
    Hybrid is not ideal.
    Virtual is not ideal.
    Face-to-face in the midst of a pandemic is not ideal.
    For every kid who is anxious to get back to the classroom there is another who has anxiety about returning.
    For every parent who wonders,
    “How am I going to manage this?”
    There is a teacher wondering,
    “How am I going to manage this?”
    Often, a person wears both titles.
    For every kindergarten parent who is sad that this is how their child will begin their education, there is a parent of a senior who is bummed that this is how their child will end theirs.
    For every person angry about their child having to wear a mask, there is a person who is petrified their immune compromised family member will get ill.
    Life has thrown us a huge curve ball.
    A plot twist if you will.
    It will not be easy.
    We will be challenged.
    We will get frustrated.
    I hope we rise to the occasion.
    I hope we help one another.
    We will all need help.
    I hope we treat each other with grace.
    We will all need grace.
    I hope we realize that at the end of the day, our kids need us to be the light.
    Set the tone.
    See the good.
    Take a really unfortunate situation and do our best to make it okay.
    For them.
    For us.



       I am always available for you. Email me if you need suggestions,help, and/or just to chat!  

    Mrs. S. McAuliffe

    AIS/ELA Workshop

     Students: Blue 6, Yellow 7, Red 7, Yellow 8, Green 8

    English Language Arts/Reading Support: Room 7 (Wednesdays)
       Email contact:  smcauliffe@portnet.org