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Statement from Board of Education President Karen Sloan

The Board of Education is aware and extremely concerned about the Guggenheim roof and has been working closely with the administration to address the problem in the safest and most expeditious way possible. Our first priority is always the safety of our students and staff and we have been exploring all possible options to remediate this situation as quickly as possible. We had been working to have the Guggenheim roof declared an emergency  with the New York State Department of Education, which would enable us to proceed with expedited architectural drawings and approval by the State for new construction.  Given the timing constraints and the state of the roof at this time, we are pleased that an alternative interim solution has just been proposed by our roofing contractor. This new plan will enable us to repair the roof in a manner that will create a watertight seal, which will remain in place until the previously scheduled roof replacement is implemented. This work will take place during spring break to avoid any further safety concerns or disruptions to students and staff. Once the work is completed, the immediate problem is expected to be alleviated and we will be able to focus on the long term solution to the Guggenheim roof. We are grateful to the Administration and district staff for their commitment to this matter.  The Board understands the Guggenheim parent community's concerns and will be available at the Guggenheim HSA's meeting this Friday 4/7 to discuss any ongoing concerns.