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Compiled by Hannah Fagen, Daniella Philipson, and Hallie Whitman

The creators of this archive database would like to thank the many people and organizations who worked to make this project a success. For help with the planning and execution of this project, thank you to Mr. Craig Medico, Ms. Evelina Zarkh, Mr. Ira Pernick, and Mr. Craig Weiss. Thank you to Chris Bain and others at the Cow Neck Historical Society for their generous funding, and for their more than enthusiastic support of our work. Thank you to Mr. Ryan Meloni, Ms. Pat Baglio, and Mr. David Baylen for their technological assistance and creative problem solving. Also, thanks to the Schreiber library team for lending us their paper archives for the duration of the project. 

Additional work by Erin Choe and Katie Fishbin

Last Modified on January 20, 2016